Drift camera mount advice sought

The curved mount on my helmet for my Drift Ghost S camera failed on Thursday. Fortunately, I’d attached the camera with a length of fishing wire, and I was stationary at the time, so no damage to the camera.

Advice please. What are the pros and cons between buying another Drift mount, and just buying good quality double sided sticky pads and using them after thoroughly cleaning the plastic mount?

I’ve already tried to peel the original sticky pad from the mount.

I’m going to suggest sugru rather than sticky pads…

Though not tested for this it held my indicator on my KTM for nearly a year till I took it for service

Funnily I just took the same mount off my old helmet. And it took a lot of convincing! Even though it was 4yrs old application.

I was also thinking a generic double sided sticky tape

I’d go with just another sticky foam pad. It’s worked up til now.

Never had issue with drift mounts coming loose, more hassle removing them. Makes me wonder if it was a good fit, I’ve found the rounded mount to be too concave for most applications so the centre is not actually in contact. Even on most lids. Could this be the case here? Not clear from photo if the centre of that mount had adhered well.

As for replacement tape, 3M VHB is the one you want. Couple of strips of that will hold the mount well.


I think I have a spare one of those, given my Camera is knackered if I can dig it out your welcome to it.

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@Aceman I have a Ghost too and bought a huge third party accessory pack off of eBay with these in. Never had a problem with them. Super cheap too. The OEM GoPro/Ghost accessories are ridiculously expensive for no reason as far as I can see.

@Aceman i also have some spare and local to you if you need a couple

Oh wow guys. Let me know what you have, how much you want for it, and I’ll bounce back to you.

I can give you 2 for free let me know whe, im free after 3pm most days