Draggin Jeans - Black Cargo Sz 40 £70

Hi,I have Draggin Jeans Black Cargo trousers in Size 40" for sale.

Previous owner has flown back to Australia, and I get to sell these.

They are in excellent condition. £60

According to their website:

An Italian 40 is a UK size 8
A French 40 is a UK size 10 and
A German 40 is apparently a UK size 12

I dont want cargo pants but just thought I would post instead of preparing for my appraisal tomorrow :hehe:

I think it means 40" waist…so, about your size then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah…thats why you havent seen me for a while
I’ve been eating.

Alex has such a way with the ladies! :smiley:

Anyone interested?