DR650, XT600E or.......?

I’m looking at getting a cheap thumper for commuting duties.

I have another bike so this one would be only for town.

I like the idea of something that can take the occasional drop and be useable if its snows, with maybe a change of tyres.

Price is an issue, but its got to be good in traffic as thats where I’ll be using it 99.9999% of the time.

I’ve also thought about an SV650 and an old BMW 650, but I think for the money I’m willing to spend the XT or DR are probably nearer my budget (£1500 tops!)

Happy to go lower capacity if theres other suggestions, NO SCOOTERS!!!

Ever looked at supermotos? Good for London traffic, nice ride height, good for filtering, wheels easily changed if you need off road/snow. Something like a DRZ400 can be picked up cheap with loads of aftermarket support, not as attractive to tea-leafs as the katooms either.

another bike??

DRZ is the one for you.

The T5 will be sold to pay for the new addition and the bros needs engine work.

I do like the drz400 for sure, but the XT600E and DR650 seem good value

out of those i like the XT… i should say that ive not riden any of them so its purely based on looks :smiley:

duncmac (19/05/2011)

The T5 will be sold to pay for the new addition and the bros needs engine work.

I had av Yamaha 600e about 6 years ago , decent ride , i must say i had a hell of a problem with starter solenoids burning out , went through 3 of them before i sold it .

How much you looking at for the Vespa ? , im interested in one for work .

kids liek nicking supermoto’s, they rarely look at SV’s tho.

get a naked curvy SV.

I was looking a little while back but struggled to find a DRZ. Ended up with a Diversion 900, so just slightly different! :w00t:

buck (19/05/2011)

Its a T5 so its not fun in london traffic. Its got a malossi 172 kit on it, which does help, but with the simonini pipe its a loud revy mofo. Engines been rebuilt and dyno’d and I think with the right pipe it would be alright. I just lost interest once I’d done my DAS and had experience of a ‘proper’ bike.

If you’re still interested I’ll post up pics and details once I’ve put petrol in and given it a test ride, its been laid up since last year. But this will be in a couple of weeks as I’ve other stuff to be getting on with at the moment.

I’m pretty sure the DRZ400 are quite high on the thieving list. Several people on this forum have had them nicked.

Know a couple of people who have had Yam 660 singles, and they all loved them.

XT660X - SuperMoto
XT660R - Trailie
XT660Z - Adventure
MT-03 - Urban?

Got to say I do like the looks of the MT-03.

Would love an XT660X but for my budget I’m looking at XT600E’s

Maybe even pre-water pumped.

duncmac (19/05/2011)

Yes, if you can give me some more details and pics , what price was you asking ?

then street fighter it with flat bars :slight_smile: