DR-Z MOT’d! - MD Racing

I’ve had this DR-Z 400 for a year and not done much with it, apart from drop about a grand on a full service and to fix some bodge-job repairs and some green laning with @B.

The MOT expired during lockdown and since then the bike has been sat on an optimate doing nothing. After the first two local motorcycle MOT centres didn’t pick up their phone I took a punt on MD Racing in Walton on Thames and LOL it turns out that our good friend Matt Liddy works there now.

The bike needed a new number plate and some electrical issues fixing but they took care of that in no time (I thought they would need a few days to source a plate, it arrived in about 15 mins!). In and out whilst I waited. Very reasonable price too.

Definitely recommend these guys…

Matt working his magic on a broken wire, causing some lights not to work.

Pretty nice (but well-used) full-carbon, race-headlight Ducati 916.

Check out that horn!

Need to arrange some more green laning now! Who goes?


Matt threatened to lock the doors if I ever turn up on my drz, something about not touching it with a barge pole.

Not had the off road wheels on since last year on mine, do need to sort that


Dragged mine out a few weekends ago, forgot to trickle charge and another dead battery after being laid up. Bloody thing eats batteries! Not running well, think I’ve got to pull the carb off, give it a clean and finally add an extended fuel screw. FCR is a right pig to remove on a SM if you’ve done the swap, assume easier on a E or S??

It’s not easy on the s, I’m told it’s easier on the e.
Unbolting the subframe helps, but it’s about an hour to get it out

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Carbs! Who’d have em? :slight_smile:

@Boris get the off-road wheels on and let’s hit some lanes!

Worth a watch re setting up the FCR if you have one. Helped with my low down bogging off idle