Downside of commuting on 2 wheels

I didn’t get a free day off today, unlike half of the rest of the office.


Oh well, at least the queue for coffee this morning was shorter.

Ah, you lose today, but when you consider that EVERY OTHER DAY they have to sit on the tube, while you ride to work with a smile, then long term, you the winner!

no one told me there’s a down side to commuting on powered two wheels

A very small price to pay though…:slight_smile:

we have a tea lady so I can’t imagine the downside to a coffee queue

Don’t you mean a beverage technician :slight_smile:

Downside of commuting on 2 wheels?.. Cold, dangerous, takes ages to get in and out of your gear, pretty miserable existence and only for poor people that can’t afford a car. Nah mate, definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

Then I tell 'em the truth… but don’t go telling every Tom, Dick & Harry otherwise everyone’ll want a slice of the cake. :cool:

+1 and people think you must be barking mad to take such risks so give you a wide berth at the office. Just great :smiley:

My thoughts everyday as I drive past the bumper to bumper traffic on the A13 - WHY OH WHY do people commute in their cars everyday, do they not get sick of queuing in traffic every bloody day? 90% of the cars on the road are carrying one bloody passenger, why not do everyone a favour and get a motorbike? This would cut all traffic down to about nothing and everyone could get home quicker and safer!

The same people choosing to drive a car probably think its too dangerous to ride a motorbike, if they all ditched their car most of that danger would no longer be present!

Exactly! I did it, so why can’t they?