Downright Dangerous !

Guys, please don’t do what I saw yesterday and have seen at work a few times recently.
On my way to a shout at work and going through heavy traffic and a few bikes decide to tailgate us and use us to get through the traffic as well.

Once an emergency vehicle goes through a gap opened up by it’s blues and twos then car drivers will usually move back into their normal position and it will cause an accident which as we all know, bike riders will lose badly. If what we’d being going to yesterday had been cancelled en route then yes, I would have had them aside and words of advice if not more.

Wasn’t there some police research recently that said unmarked police hyper bikes were 25% more likely to be involved in accidents now? Upping your chance of a crash by a 25% (a lot higher a percent if untrain no) is good enough reason not to emulate police speed biking me-thinks.

It’s not clear who you are, what you do, what the bikes are following…could you please elaborate. :slight_smile:

He’s in an emergency vehicle attanding an emergency with blues&twos. Irrelevant of what type or what emergency.

The message is: Dont follow an emergency vehicle through traffic.

Just think, if you are doing it, your saving yourself about a minute of travel time due to some poor sod in need of emergency help. :crazy:

I don’t think it’s irrelevant at all, as he mentions pulling them to one side for a chat.

You wouldn’t want their car to pull you over, I know I’d be shitting bricks if they are got out to have a word! :w00t:

Just to emphasise what Baz is saying, even following a marked police car with blues and two’s in another marked car with blues and two’s, you still have a seriously high risk of the traffic parting for the vehicle in front and then pulling straight back in front of you! This is why the vehicles following use a different two tone siren from the one in front, in order to highlight the fact that there are more emergency vehicles coming through. :wink:

So, as Baz said, you’re not a marked emergency vehicle and have way too much to lose when the vehicles in front start moving back into your path! Use some common sense people! :satisfied:

“… on a shout at work… heavy traffic… emergency vehicle… blues and twos… I would have had them aside and words of advice if not more…”

It’s not difficult - BusaBaz obviously imports Venison for HM Coastguard and the bikes were following his helicopter.

he got me once:D and yes i knew who they were but not that it was baz, i thought wtf is going on!?:w00t:

echo what baz says tho, dont tailgate em, sooner than later you will regret doing it.

or…how about he was late for breakfast and his MET999 was getting cold!

But reiterating what BusaBaz mentioned, if there is a collision behind and they see it they have to stop and it’s a shed load of paperwork and a resource removed from the incident they were going to.

I once witnessed a van following an ambulance through heavy traffic.

An accident then happened, the van driver fell out of his van and landed on lots of peoples fists . . . . .

Wish I had my helmet cam then . . . . .

One thing I have thought about a few times, for example a bike filtering along the Euston/Marylebone road, an ambulance comes along, bike pulls over to let them past, then carries on filtering and comes up behind the ambulance which is going slower than the bike.

Should the bike start filtering slower? Or by using a gap maybe between traffic on the inside/middle lane, go past the ambulance who is using the outside lane?


+1 There’s nothing car drivers hate more than motorcycling opportunists tailgating emergency vehicles. And unfortunately we all get tarred by that brush as people do tend to generalise about motorcylists.

Never knew that, thanks for the info, RR.

:laugh: nice one

Hands up to having done it once on the north circular…thinking it through - all it needed was for a car to decide to do the same - to swing in right behind the ambulance - and there’s every chance I am getting taken out.

Not big, not clever.

If i do it, will you pull me over baz? i promise to submit for a frisk :smiley:


I’ve done it before because I’ve been filtering, pulled aside for an emergency vehicle, then wanted to carry on filtering.

anyone who follows a emergency vehicle on a call thru traffic is stupid and wreckless and is asking to be involved in an acccident and deserve to be stuck on for their stupidity

tailgating an emergency vehicle (which ever service) has always been a No-no for me. I find they only slow you up :smiley:

on a side note, good to see you are still about Baz, a few of us were saying on wed that we hadnt seen in a wee while :slight_smile:

Still about mate and missing you lot (in a blokey non soppy way of course !!)
Apart from blatting back and forward to work and one ride to Windsor the other week with the G/F on the back, I haven’t been riding for pleasure for ages and no hope either over the next few months … bloody Olympics !!
Hope everyone is all good.

Very good advice and should be stuck to. I’ve filtered on past vehicles passed by emergency services on a shout with a very wary eye on them, hanging way back from the passing vehicle. Best to give them space to sort themselves out and then normal filtering service resumes.