double yellow lines?

So apparently they’re filming some bs movie called “criminal” outside work today where I usually park. They’ve taken 50 or so spaces with their vans and every single bay I’ve looked at has been full.

I’ve yolo’d it and parked on double yellows (just next to the bike bay).

My question is, can I get more than one ticket throughout the day?

Yep. You sure can. 2 tickets and then it’s moved to the pound. Ask me how I know this :slight_smile:

Go on then Jarrod, How’d you know this?

Are the bays suspended? Otherwise the vans are parked illegally and should get moved on.

Haha. Exactly the same scenario when I was living in Hoxton square. They were filming the counselor and took all the spaces. They ‘relocated’ my car from a permit bay and when I returned to find it a few days later it was gone. They tried to charge me for 2 tickets and pound fees. It went on for ages (didn’t need the car, had the bike). Escalated to a court summons at which point I threatened to sue Hackney council and returned my reply cc’ing Hackney council CEO.
2 hours later I received an email from the CEO telling me to come and pick up my car and apologising for the miscommunication. It was nice to have a win.

ruh roh.

Better go move it.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: