donnington Bsb

Can anyone tell me the best place to stand to watch the race as i have never been befor

on the grass down hollywoods has to be a favorite. or at the shicane at he end of the dunlop bridge. Although i always like to have a mooch around from once place to another.

outfield by Starkeys bridge is quite good (sheltered, too if the weather ain’t kind).

Infield along the dunlop staright and up towards the chicane is nice, and macleans / coppice are both good turns.

Thanks for that we dont know if we should go Sunday and Monday is it worth going both days we only live
40 mins from track

My fave place to watch from is Old Hairpin.

Will be there on Monday. Anyone else going?:cool:

Waves from the weirdo corner !!! Coooeee Im going chunks where we meeting up then ? :smiley:

We are going in the jam jar as we have a hospitality thingy with Taboo Racing so we will wave to you poor people on Monday;):smiley:

will give ya the finger as you stuck in traffic jam !! chuck a few crumbs to us peasants then lmao :smiley:

I’m going too…never been to Donnington before

Best place to stand?

Under a Brolly:doze:

Lol - Im told it wasnt wet tho?!