Donington Park GP Trackday - 2/5/22

This seems appropriate for the situation, @kcoops:

Oh I have come across Life at Lean before really good videos. I replayed the incident a million times and it is similar but not exact. I think i actually should have been on the power.

Would have a look at a few of these vids again

Think I would also start looking at something like California super bike, but they are soooo expensive. Ron Haslam years back was my first introduction to track and that was brilliant.

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I want to do CSS as well, with @pricetta. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Everyone who has been says it’s the best investment you can make in track riding. Maybe we should all do one together :slight_smile:

That sounds fun. I’d fancy that.

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Not many dates offered this year and seems only a few left across various tracks.

I did a couple of CSS days back in 2011 when I was still pretty new to biking, I think RIXY was on one, along with RyanR6 or R6_Ryan.
They were good days and I did learn quite a lot, but at the time they were about 400 quid, and I have since done a few 121 coaching days and they havent been much more. With CSS it was 3 riders to one coach, so you do spend a bit of time riding around on your own (albeit practising what you learned in the class)

I got much more out of the 121 days and they do up to 3 riders too so might be cheaper if a few do it together? The 121s had video footgage front and back (not sure if CSS do that now) and you get to do it a a track of your choice.

There are a few about:
Dean Elison
Gary Walton
Performance Rider Coaching

Or I have heard good things about the Jamie Whitham training!

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