Donington Park GP Trackday - 2/5/22

LOL. Oddly specific.

The limit is 100db, which is ridiculous as my bike is 102db as standard, and I suspect so are many new bikes.

I did try to find out what the legal db noise limit is for Euro 5, but it’s not clear. I’ve seen 80db mentioned but it’s not clear how they measure this. I assume from a distance of a few meters to simulate real life, as opposed to the one-meter approach taken at static noise tests on trackdays.

I thought Brands Hatch was the strictest at 102db static. No chance of going to Castle Comb now :slight_smile:

That said, some euro tracks like Spa Francorchamps have 100db limits too and people have to get custom exhausts made up. MHP Exhausts in the UK does a great trade in helping people get their bikes under the various limits (this sometimes results in very 1990’s reminiscent style long exhausts, but hey, they work).

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i.e. Bob Collins and his latest Fireblade:

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Probably means those are the models they’ve had so much experience in failing testing that they can say that with confidence.

That’s a lot of very, disappointed/angry customers.

I did a track day at snetterton with a stock VFR. Passed even with the hole in the collector!

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My super unpopular 636 has neve had an issue there.

It has plenty of other issues, but at least passing a noise test isn’t one of them.

A few extras installed and ready to go. Just need to sort insurance now. Also think i will take my stock pipes with me so if it fails the noise test i will switch over.

Nice. Do you have a baffle for the SC exhaust? Will definitely be needed, from what I’ve seen this year.

Where are you booked in to?

Nope doesn’t come with a baffle, the end is sealed. Also it is not any louder than the stock probably by a couple decibel on paper. Only difference is above 6000 rpm you get a little grumble and when you close the throttle is crackles and pops which i love :grinning:

I am gonna take the stock pipe its a 10min job to switch over if needed.

Booked in at Donnington with no limts on Wednesday. Novice group so nice and easy

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So after 10 years of riding and 6 track days it has finally happened, I want to find that person who said “it’s not if but when” and punch them in the face. I had my first off at Donnington yesterday :cry:. I hate hairpins even more now that this has happened. One of the things I decided to work on was bleeding off the brake rather than just dumping it. My approach is ok as I progressively engage but then I dump. Going into Goddards a bit to hot, did an overtake which in retrospect I shouldn’t have, was central of the track rather than to the right, so went heavy on the brake as I started to tip in, thought shit am I way to fast so leaned in to compensate, and blam lost the front. Funny thing first thing I thought was shit my bike rather than am I ok.

All the protection did the job and took the brunt of the physical damage, engine cover, bar ends, bobbins, only 1/4 broken clutch lever and heel guards and a few scuffs. Picked the bike up no leaks, no on board warnings, rode down the parking lot and back and instructors cleared me to continue.

I booked in an instructor at the start of the day (which is free, never knew that) so he went out with me on the next session and did his thing and his main feedback was a bit shocking, “You scrub way too much speed off going into corners so you don’t have the proper momentum to load the front tyres and carry you through the corner which reduces grip” :astonished: See I always took it really easily into and out of corners as that is here I see most incidents like mine, either someone is to aggressive coming out and high ends, or over cooks and goes into the gravel, so the concept was a bit difficult to grasp. Also I play peak-ah-boo down the straights, nice and tucked in, then half way down start to raise up slowly , his response what the hell are you doing stay tucked until you break that’s the only point you need the extra wind drag.

I also discovered that I commit early to the corner which results in a super wide exit or having to slow even more, so taking it just a tad later made significant difference.

Humble pie eaten, and tried the pointers and waaw the difference, but it takes a lot of confidence to carry the right speed into the corners, but when you do the additional grip is felt the bike just sticks and sling around. Still very cautious cause the fear is even more real after my incident. Thought the RR would have scared me but had it in dynamic mode and it was perfect. Also I got much better at the old hairpin I could never figure out the right line, but following the

Funny I thought I would be discouraged, but I always have more fun on the track than on the road, just the time and the cost is not feasible to do more than a few.

Lots of lessons learnt to mull over and get ready for the next session. Tired as hell, proper full body workout.


Sorry to hear this mate! Looks like you got away with the bare minimum of damage though, thankfully.

Always good to get some time with the instructors to give you an appraisal and a list of things to work on! Absolutely, you’ve got to keep load on either the front or the back tyres, minimising the neutral time (no brake, no throttle) as this is when you have minimum grip.

Sounds like you know what caused the off; when you lean more, you need to brake less as there’s less grip available. Better to pick it up and run a bit wide than try and double down on the line you wanted.

Glad it hasn’t put you off. Every time we go out is a learning experience!

FWIW, Sylvain Guintoli (MotoGP test rider and WSBK champion) has some amazing guide videos on some of the important techniques. Trail braking included. I’d definitely recommend watching all his guides. They’re a gold mine:

(106) Sylvain Guintoli - YouTube

sorry to hear that mate!

Sorry to hear that but yeah everyone’s been off at some point. Sounds like a good one overall if you were able to dust yourself off and carry on.

Also who buys crash protection before hand? Normally it’s the other way round.

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Well done for getting straight back on it and carrying on.

I have eaten my fare share of humble pie, its a dish best served cold…lol

Noooooooooo. Oh bollocks, but you have bigger brave pants than I do for getting back out there.

Those GB Racing protectors are fab and I’ve had them on all my bikes, including the one binned on track before they were fitted.

Your upper fairings came away completely unharmed eh @kcoops? Those crash bungs did a brilliant job. Some scratches on the lower, black fairings, but I suspect you can get those filled-in/polished/clear-coated easily enough.

@Janey actually you are one of the reasons why I got the GB crash protectors. I remembered a post from you advocating them and you showed the pic of your bike after an incident, and I think your engine cover got completely demolished. I thought shit, need to get those, don’t want that happening to me :grinning:

Even though I got back on every time I got to that corner there was panic to deal with. Looking at the photos taken on the day and I am barely leaning the bike after that :sweat_smile:

@Jay Yeah nothing really on the top fairing, just a little scratch also. Does anyone know of places I can get that sorted ? Also the lower fairing is wrapped in carbon fibber, and it looks like the wrapping took the brunt.

Gave the bike a little TLC yesterday once I am able to get the parts will look at getting my next day booked in, probably will be Brands Hatch.


Haha, I’m glad that I’ve finally been a positive influence. I think… :rofl:

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Don’t repair the cosmetic damage, that bike looks way cooler with some proper racing scars!