Donington Park GP - Rollcall

Right, there seems to be a few peeps who are going.

Get ya names down on the list.

For those of you who are riding, if you want, we can ride back to london together, for those who are in the car, ok you’ll be dry, but enjoy the wait in the car park

If people want to meet up, from watching WSB earlier this year it would seem that a good place to watch is on the infield, see attached “X” marking the spot. Or if anyone has any other viewing suggestions, let me know.

Peeps going :





Ginger Pixie



Jay & Foxy - LB Journo’s


Donington Park.jpg

Donington park 2.JPG

A wait in the car park is worth it to have a chair all day

‘X’ is perfect for us three

See you all here sometime then! I presume Sunday? We’re at dony now.

Have a good weekend Jay.

If you want to meet up, to make things easier, come and meet us… “X” marks the spot. If you could get a sneak into “behind the scenes” I would be eternally grateful.

We’ll all be there sunday. Will send you my number… presume you already have debz and grims?

Fantastic Andy! I’m leaving work early and will probably be on the road just in time to hit rush hour, Glastonbury traffic AND GP traffic!!!

Grim/Debz - when are you going up?

Is Sherrie coming?

No I think Sherrie is going with Westie to some museum thing in the new forest I think.

Grim and Debz are going early sunday morning.

We are going for the Sunday only - will be there early

Sherrie isnt going - they are doing the ride to Beaulieu (or however you spell it :whistling

They should go to Sammy Miller’s Motorcycle Museum! SOOOOOO much better. Anyway, getting back to the subject - GP - I CAN’T WAIT!!!

I’ve heard rumours that this could be Rossi’s last GP - has anyone else heard that???

Do you mean GP season?

I thought he has already signed for 2 years with Yamaha?

I thought he had signed too

Rumours are always rife in all the bike racing

It was a rumour I’d heard at the start of the season so it must have all changed since then. And what about James Tousland??? Is he coming over to GP next season?

Only if he gets a ride on a “competitive” bike. Which I wouldnt blame him. Every englishman has lanquished recently.

Yeah hi ther guys, will bet here at the X from early sunday morning, riding up from my sisters in Northampton, but will be riding back down to london…

Nuts - my mate has fallen through on the paddock passes…