Donington 30 09 FE

I’ll be there with my buddy Stuart, black R6 & black ZX6

If anyone’s going let us know

who’s this with?

FE = focusedevents

still be in turkey on my honeymoon or else i would of had a go;)

really really want to donny again but booked in for cadwell on the 29th

hope its dry for you!

hopefully catch up with you on another TD soon

just noticed the other post for brands - you driving straight up that night?

no, gonna go back to the bush, sleep, get woken up 5 times by 4 month old daughter, get in my mates warm people carrier thing with the bikes on the trailer and doze my way up the m1

i always sleep badly before a TD anyway, can’t think why

congrats! be sure to remember your signature: what doesnt kill you…