Does this say Smiled to you?

Got my insurance offer this morning…2 weeks and one day since my bike went missing…:D…

Phucking love MCE and RSA;)…well recommended…

anyways…the’ve given me the total of what my bikes worth and im a happy chappie so bike shopping it is…

found another bike…a stealth …but not sure about it…

i’ll need new leathers(black) and an OGK lid …:D…gotta play the part eh?

if anyone can find me another in that price range…please feel free…gotta be a k5 1000…and white wheels if blue and white…

cheers all


What a fantastic news Shane! All those crap you’ve just had experienced, and now this… a new bike coming!!! :D:D:D

There must be somebody watching over you dude, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to meet you mate, when you free?

I’m happy to see those news tonight.

BTW. Buy yourself a tracker or a decent chain or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear you getting your pay out sharpish Shane. I like both, I think personally i would go for the Stealth, but I already got matt black leathers and a matt black lid with tinted visor, so that would suit me.


more like don’t leave it anywhere!!

Get the Stealth mate it looks amazing.
+1 on the tracker as well;)

Good news you’ve sussed the way forward mate, after a couple of months of you riding it (worth f*ck all) have a claim up :smiley:

Great news Mate, you need some luck :cool:

hmmmm have you actually had a quote for it yet ???


thanks all…insurance said they dont see why they cant switch over my cover from the old bike too the new one if its the same make/model ect so thats positive…

Its taken me a bit of a talking too by mrs smiled too get another bike as i was really interested in this…

anyways, thanks for all the comments guys…preshiate it;)


Well a big thumbs up to Mrs Smiled then!

Great news mate.

Great news, cheered me up no end so you must be ecstatic!

Great news, and v nice bike too:D


Great news mate. Although a beautiful car the Mitzy is, they are stupidly expensive to run, and it is now 11 years old. You are going to be constantly forking out for new parts and rust treatment. Walk away NOW.:slight_smile:

The gixxer in the PistonHeads addy has your name all over it, if it all checks out as kosher that is.:cool::smiley:

Get another bike, get a tracker, get some decent locks, get some effin training, and then get back out there where you belong. ON THE BIKE.:D:cool:

Great news fella , as they say , " once you go black , you’ll never go back " well thats what my Mrs says ! :smiley:

Go for it mate and get some new leathers to make you feel even better !

stealth and dye the leathers black!

The first certainly does. I don’t think I’ve seen you ride anything other than a blue and white gixer.

Even with your foot in plaster, you still rode it!:smiley:

That second Gixxer is lovely.

I saw one nearly identical to that yesterday, just with out the headlight cover or what ever it is.

Guy was in Black leathers, black lid (w/ black visor) looked and sounded fab!

Go for it!!

Good news to hear you’re getting a replacement. :slight_smile: In answer to the thread topic- no the stealth doesn’t really say Smiled to me (more like ‘Grimaced’) but the other one certainly does- just looks nicer to me but you will know when you see them both in the flesh.