Does the points system need an overhaul ?

Reading this report this morning got me thinking it seems the points system needs an overhaul.

For instance you get caught drink driving and you could be banned for anywhere 6 months and a year even though at the time you could be drving legally (obviously with reduced reaction etc) but you get caught texting or talking on phone and you get 3 points ??

yet study after study has shown texting and talking on phone to be equal or worse than drinking. You roll your front wheel into a green bicycle zone and you can get three, points same as texting ?

I belive the points system should be overhauled maybe changing the amount to lose your license and weighting offences differently.

ps by the way in Australia you start off with a toal amount of points and you lose for an offence and when you reach 0 you lose your license !

I do strongly agree with the points that are stated, but it takes time and an increased number of studies before it goes up to 6 points (thus many poor people being injuried or kill by mobile phones) which it will do with the continous excessive use.

Most motorist still do not understand how dangerous car/bikes are!! It’s amazing how many of my friends forget this, and i try and explain to them the deversation they can cause other people.

But i think the real question is, will this increase in enforcement of mobile phone usage, prevent motorists not using their mobile phones? I very much doubt it will it will have a major effect.

We all know people that have drunk/drive, used drugs/drive, put on make and drove etc, i can go on, and how many of us have actually voiced our concerns about these potential dangerous actions??

It’s not until it has effected us badly, is when we want to do something about it, and then it’s too late.

Seems simple to me. If an instant ban was introduced for using a mobile while driving no-one would risk it. After all it needs a conscious decision to pick up the mobile to text/ make a call so there can be no excuse for ‘accidentally’ using the phone. The same cannot be said of minor infringements of speed limits , which can be a genuine mistake- after all it would be unsafe to be constantly looking at your speed instead of to the road ahead- so fines and points should reflect this.

I guess problem is that its rare to see someone doing something like putting make up on reading map etc… well rare compared to phone use. On a ride home I am sure I could count over 20 people on phones. I feel the threat of 6 points etc would deter people.

Can I just interrupt witha quick question? I got points on my licence 3 years ago this december. I heard the points aren’t valid anymore after 2 years but show on your licence for 3 years. Have I just made that up?

I think it’s 4 years and 5 years?

You would think this, being logically. But I always tell people or point at people using their phones.

But how many people die a year because of drink driving?? How many motorists are still getting convicted of drink driving?? Have these numbers dramatically decrease because of the law enforcement? Does a ban even worry these people? Most of the time, no.

How do we get through to these people? Adverts on the t.v of what could happen, bans/fine they could possibly get? Only through personal experience do people learn as well it becoming socially unacceptable to use phones as well as driving (a bit like drink driving).

Most motorists have no thought or care for other people on the road (or off). I think this is the selfish opinion of the general public of today.

Just look at the stats of causes of car accidents?? nothing suggests it will go away. It is the number one killer of today, and beats any disease such as heart attacks, AIDS, cancer, ect. When i did a master in forenscis, i had a friend in accident investigation (worked for the police) and he used to come out with really nasty stories of how many people he had to scrap of the road, in a various different ways.

You can only voice your opinion.

there are a number of issues…first and foremost is this…

  1. ‘It wont happen to me’ syndrome…this is the same for murderers, drink drivers and phone users…they dont think it will happen to them…they wont get caught…

  2. Few people see the effects of the accidents that happen on the roads and the misery assoiciated with it…ask nurses and doctors…but still the damage and canrage goes on…this government was on the right track about showing people what can happen in an accident.

  3. Cars are much safer than they were a few years ago…people believe they are safe in their car…bikers think they are safe with all their leathers and other gear on…ooh if only

The truth hurts and most people choose to ignore it…and unless we turn people into robots it will be that way always…no matter the punishment…mind you if we shot all criminals would there be any people left…

If nothing else, I’d like to see instant confiscation of the phone, complete with the SIM card and then the prosecution with it’s own penalties.

But would it make any difference?

Despite tougher new anti litter laws, I’ve not noticed any less of the stuff and there doesn’t appear to be any less number of idiots using hand held phones while driving since that was made illegal.

As for the points and fines scale, I thought that had all just been revised and made tougher. If they’ve made it tougher on the wrong things I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s about the norm now.

its 3 years and 4 years, you want some of mine got lots to give away :smiley:

think the points system really needs overhaul, to reflect road your on, speed you doing vehicle your in, got most of mine driving truck from damn cameras all over the place, occupational hazzard should pay more attention I know, BUT I would rather look out for other road users/peds etc than looking out for scamera’s its hard enough driving artics in the city without that exta stress, moan over :slight_smile: