Does Luck play any part?

Ok well, a friend of mine (cough cough) got stopped by undercover police today

He was riding from a friends house which was quite far away and needed to get home in good time, so he decided to step up the pace a little tiny bit. Anyhoo, started with a nice quick filter through some cars and a speedy exit through some twisty roads, etc. Got bored and decided to do a wheelie down a straight and carried it on past some cars as you do and then back down again to enter a roundabout, bam leaning down and took his exit, another long straight OOOOOHHHHHHHHH time for another wheelie, up it goes… Next thing :SIRENS: woooooooowoowoowooooooo… OOOPZ!

so here it goes…


Dangerous DrivingPulling a wheelie whilst overtakingPulling a wheelie infront of a undercover police vechileSmall Number PlateIllegal Exhaust SystemSpeedingRiding without Due Care and Attention (Supposedly)Policemen commandeer the keys and said “Did you realise what the hell you where doing back there?” they saw all of what I explained above, anyhoo they say they thought the bike was stolen but obviously it weren’t… LECTURE TIME for 30 minutes. Guess what he got?


NOTHING FOR IT. except if they see anything like that again courts would be involved and the removal of his license. Anyway the morale of the story is “Don’t let the heat get to you, oh and 133bhp!”


Blimey - what’s your lottery numbers? Just to make sure I aint got 'em cos I think you’ve used all your luck up for a bit…

Buy a lottery ticket, you were, i mean your friend was lucky. They must have liked the wheelie!

133bhp? that`s the same as my gsxr 750.

Well his lottery numbers are:

1 10 19 26 32 35 46


I’ll, I mean he’ll be sure to do the lottery! Damn, I just told you my numbers so you all will win!

well 133bhp (Yahama Info), probably a true 106-112bhp maybe…


Luck lucky lucky man that you are … I mean that your friend is !

He said…

I’ve learnt my lesson and I’ll never do it again!"


lucky boy Hen, well ur mate was

same with me last year 110mph on the 25 traffic cop had trouble getting past me on the way to another shout stopped me had a right old go at me then off he toodled phew!!!

phew! All the things they can do to you crosses your mind when they pull you over, never when you’ve got the throttle in your hands!


good work dude, sprinkle some of your magic dust one me will ya? the copper that pulled me for speeding at the blackfriars trap back in aug was having none of it…

…and I can’t even pull a wheelie

your mate was very lucky.

Hehe he rides an R6 too does he?

112??? LoL pull the other one.



Hennessy, luck like that runs out the more you use it, so becareful! Count your lucky stars, that could have had you a 1yr ban in the blink of an eye! Glad you’re enjoying the R6

blimey, talk about charm!!! what did you offer him lucky heather or summitt?!! ha ha

I believe that they have a database where your episode will be stored, this way I was told, and it will be checked next time they stop your friend. Next time things will be different…

I hope the policeman that told me it was only trying to scare me… lol

phew that was close. Funnily enough… a friend of mine… has been worried about the speed of his riding… but he says it’s so hard to keep slow on his super fast bike!

sniff sniff sniff…sniff whats that cows is it… sniff no… sniff sheep… sniff no… dogs… sniff no sniff what is that sniff sniff sniff…



On a serious note that kind of thing will get someone put in prison its risky stuff. You felt up the old bill didnt ya! PMSL

Nice result H…

worrying thing is, you didn’t see them.

What else didn’t you see?

Not wanting to put a damper on things,but there is a time and place for wheelies…and passing on an overtake is not one of them…

you need to stay safe fella…

nice result though…that would have been a ban.