Does hypnothrapy work? Or is it cobblers?

Hello - has anyone tried hypnotherapy for anything?

I’m currently suffering a bit from anxiety - probably as a result of a decade of shite experiences I had as a kid (properly sh1te time believe me).

Will a course of hypnotherapy work to relieve me of this burden do you reckon?

Many thanks for any advice. :cool:

it might leave you with a warm feeling inside you:D best take the bus there mate:hehe:

i dunno but I got drugs off the GP that work a treat (generalised anxiety)

had a course to cure my fear of 8 legged things…Did’nt work…had a course to stop smoking…Did’nt work…:crazy: waste of money me thinks…but then again it depends how easily led you are!;):smiley:

It depends on how skeptical you are. If you believe in it, and allow it to work, it’ll work, your brain will be much more receptive.
However, if you’re skeptical and don’t believe in it, you almost don’t want it to work and thus it won’t.


it just made me feel relaxed …and i really wanted it to work, but it did’nt:crying:

Didn’t work for me because part of my brain would not let me be properly hypnotised. To be fair to the guy, he noted that and said I’d be wasting my money for any more visits.

I’d guess it’s a bit personal and how good the therapist (?) is.


your eyes are heavy…

you are drifting asleep…

you have the urge to come and clean Pans’ bike…[/center]


LOL @ Pan.

on my last holiday the girl next to me was a mess flying out saw a dude about it out there and was alot better on the flight home so it might of helped but didnt cure

I’m really into this alternative sort of stuff, and I have used hypnotherapy before. I did find it helpful :slight_smile: But it really does depend on how you approach it, what you want from it, how you go into it. The power of the subconcious mind is trully limitless and incredibly powerful, so make sure you go to someone who you trust and who will appreciate quite what they’re dealing with.

I would happily recommend the lady I went to, she was superb!

Cant cure the fear of spiders, but everytime I see you with a cigarette I’ll stick a spider down your back. That’ll stop you smoking.


I’m currently on Diazepam for muscular spasm it is also used to treat anxiety. However Diaezpam is a restricted substance under one of the drugs acts, and due to the way the body and the mechanism by which it works it is not a long term treatment. Your body will develop an immunity to it and you will end up chasing ever higher dosages.

I started out on 2mg twice a day. I am now upto 4mg four times a day, and that is no longer proving 100% effect.

Your best off talking to a councillor or therapist. I believe that Kerry MT-03 is a councillor, send her a PM.

I’am also contemplating therapy for my fears of spiders and generally all insects before I plan to go traveling. :w00t:

My Fiance had a fear of dogs. The first time she met my family was at a cousins birthday drinks. The dog was locked out of the room by a babygate so she was ok. she had a plate of food - the dog barked - and she threw the plate of food up in the air and burst into tears!! She was so scared that should a dog be walking down the street we’d have to cross the road!!

I paid for her to have an hours hypnotherapy. they guy seemed good and i was allowed to stay in the room whilst she had the ‘treatment’. she was really skeptical but gave it a go. After the treatment went round to the same aunties house and she was fine. the dog could come up to her and she stroked it - it even jumped up and tried to lick her and she was fine.

£80 very well spent and very pleased with the result. :cool:

It was also an interesting experience to be able to listen to the treatment and hear what he was telling her.

The same hypnotist, who is a friend of a friend, hypnotised another mutual friend in the pub and made him believe that he fancied one of the guys up at the bar. Seeing our 6ft, body building pal up at the bar trying to get this other fella to go outside for a fag with him, and even touching his hand! was hillarious!! :smiley:

A few years ago I had it 2 times by 2 different therapists for stopping smoking – neither worked and both therapists said it was my inability to relax that was the problem and offered me to enrol on their ‘how to relax’ course!

A couple of years later I went to a third hypno-therapist in an effort to relax more. That didn’t work either!

I am thinking of simply having my pay cheque redirected to their accounts as I get precise same result!!

it curtainly does work and can do it for you £5 cheaper than the cheapest guy you can find.

i also do at home sessions

Thanks for the feedback folks (lol Pan! :smiley: ).

I think i’ll give it ago - as some people seem to have had success with it.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Any luck with it?

If you like evidence based approaches, you could look at the NICE guidelines for treatments of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy, homeopathy, magnetism (osteocranial massage) and similar approaches always strike me as more user friendly than being on medications. Talking therapies might be worth thinking about too - there’s quite a lot of these.

One of the concerns about hypnotherapy is its lack of rigour in demonstrating any evidence to support its premise (i.e. that it works). This, and a lack of industry standard, means that you’re more likely to either hit lucky and get a hypnotherapist who you gel with and can work with, or end up with a lemon.

If you’re going to start hypnotherapy, perhaps its best to find one who has other forms of professional accreditation, and not one who does a bit of Magic Meg on the side charging freelance fees. A proper accredited training in something alongside hypnotherapy might help - apart from that, I really have no idea how to fathom how to separate good hypnotherapists from bad ones, and instead steer clear of all of them :cool:

The talking therapies are worthwhile thinking about. If it’s as long (chronic) or deep rooted as you’re suggesting, then maybe talking about what you are aware of, which causes anxiety, can help gain some mastery over it. This is a very different approach from hypnotherapy, which relies on you being a passive recipient, and being suggestible to receiving therapeutic suggestions to anything like an open orifice. Well, not quite, however I suppose I feel comfortable dealing with what I know I need to deal with, rather than say, deal with something, which someone implies, took place because of planetary alignment or some other weird unproven theory.

Good luck!

edit - my psychology prof. at university was a skilled hypnotherapist. He regularly put me to sleep during lectures. :smiley:

Thanks Scooterassassin - interesting stuff. :slight_smile:

I guess i’m looking for a quick fix - it’s like - I know where the problem lies and how it manifests itself and have read some books on the subject and how to deal with it e.g. CBT and stuff - so I don’t feel the need to talk about it to anyone - as I don’t feel I will discover anything that I don’t already know - e.g. I’m not repressed or in denial about this.

I’m thinking that if the hypnotherapy is capable of ‘snapping me out of it’ in a few sessions - then that is far more expedient than attempting years of CBT.