Does anyone own an industrial sander

well as some of you know we just moved into a hell hole, I could do with an industrial sander if anyone has one (just to borrow) if not I guess it will be a hand held one.

So if anyone can help could you let me know…

The Sleeper

what do you need one for?

sand the floors in the hallway down, and it is a big hallway it would take me hours upon hours if I only had a little hand held one

Yeah you’ll need a drum sander…

Made for two things!!! sanding floors and breaking your back! Seriously I did an entire house with a mate once and neither of us could walk for about week after.

Probably hire one for the weekend from HS for about £50, the expensive stuff is the paper though! probably cost ya an extra £20 for the paper.

Best tip is make sure you hammer down all the nails first with a punch! as it will rip th shite outta the paper.

Good luck

We have a 2m wide flail mower - that should do the trick!!! :smiley:

I’ve got a little bitty hand held industrial belt sander. If you thinkl I’m going to lend it to someone who ain’t worked out the scale of the task, tough.

Like the man said, you need an industrial size floor sander. And a decent osteopath after.