Does anyone on here use Cowfold

I get down to Cowfold a couple of times a month for me Sunday breakfast, any other London bikers use the Chalet Cafe?

For anyone who wants a bikers cafe to the south of London then the Chalet is the place to go, far friendlier than Boxhill.

It’s on the A281, just south of Cowfold.

If you are riding down from London and don’t mind the motorway, take the M23,carry on on the A23 for a couple of miles, take the A272 heading west to Cowfold, at the roundabout, turn left on to the A281 and it’s about a mile down the road on the right hand side.

Most Sundays, lots of bikes, sometimes some scooters and the occasional car club.

A decent breakfast, a good cuppa and normally plenty of room to eat (Inside can get crowded on cold days).

I won’t be there this weekend as I have too much to do, but will probably put up a post about next weekend.


Myself and a few have stopped here many times on our way from Boxhill to Brighton.
Agreed the breakfast is mega.