Does anyone know?

We’ve finally got an old friend hooked… You know the score… a couple of pillion rides, a weekend at BSB, that kind of thing. He’s now looking for somewhere to put him through his CBT, or maybe even his Direct access (he’s in his 30’s, mature, smart, and has always driven, so DA is a possibility). Being new to London myself I don’t really know who has a good or bad reputation. We’re looking for someone in the Tooting Bec, Streatham, Wimbledon area, but a little further afield would be ok if anyone knows of someone really good.

Any information, positive or negative, would be great.


hey there mate, i did my test and cbt with Elite motorcycle training, they are available in Wimbledon and Wembley, they are great! really helpful and very genuine, you can contact them on 0870 52 000 52. at this time of the year they are pretty busy so get in there quick!!

I can also recommend Advantage in Wimbledon - top bunch of instructors!

this is who i used - top blokes!

For a good deal/cheap option (there rates were half what I got quoted anywhere else for the DAS (CBT don’t know tho)) but Metropolis Vauxhall do a great service. And, if you pass they give you good discount for accesories and stuff rom the stores attached…which is always a bonus when fighting with insurance companies to not take both arms, both legs and the mother-in-law (much as you’d like to get rid of her) to insure your new P&J

They are who Idid mine with … top top bunch.

North London MotorCycle School…associated with Rex Judd Edgware…do your CBT and DAS there and qualify for a massive discount on your first bike right next door in Rex Judd Showroom !!

I past with Elite. They are superb, I’d highly recommend using them!

i did my DAS with a guy called Fred… he is a one to one instructor which i found a lot better then trying to learn in a group like i did on my CBT…and he was a top top bloke, i already had been on a scooter for about six months when i got hooked a wanted bigger…!! he has his own school called “off the kerb” he’s based in Fulham just off munster road.

he got me through on a three day DAS, two and a half days lessons with my test in the afternoon of day three…cant recommend him enought, a right funny bloke that makes you feel very at ease with jummping on a big bike for the first time…

…and he has some great stories of his past job…he used to be tour manager for Lee Evens…!!!

good luck to your mate…

Many thanks to you all, plenty to go on there. He’d already mentioned Advantage and Elite.I Will pass on your comments.