Does anyone know the cheapest way...

A friend of mine is coming over from Germany in a couple of weeks time, and is looking to hire a bike for the Saturday and Sunday (22nd and 23rd Sept).

Does anyone know any cheap/affordable places to hire one from, nothing too fancy, about 500cc? He’s held a full German licence for 6 years, but I don’t know how that’s likely to affect the hire.

All advice welcomed.

I’ve rented from these guys before and they seemed pretty reasonable. I thing to think about is the deposit and excess which you need to factor in. I guess those are the most expensive bits, but you hopefully get em back :smiley:

All I get is a broken image link. Was it pretty?

Aye, what Yslart said :stuck_out_tongue: The link I put into my message didn’t work because er… it wasn’t an image. I’m an eejit :hehe: