Does anyone know Ninja ZX1000 SHR - reg GK19 PXE

Some delightful chap riding a Ninja punched my work colleagues car and threatened to fight her, shouting at her to get out of the car on Tuesday afternoon in Croydon area! WTF.

If anyone knows this person, or this is you…

Firstly, when is it ever acceptable to threaten a woman?

Second, the situation did not warrant this sort of response. She had to stop for a blue light coming through a junction, then got stuck in a red. When she looked in her mirrors to reverse, the biker was in her blind spot. He honked, she stopped and profusely apologised. No harm done. Why then did punching her car and threatening her seem at all acceptable?

Third, you give the rest of us a bad name. Sure, we all get a bit p**sed off on the road from time to time, but punching a woman’s car? That’s not in the spirit of biking.

How about you take a deep breath and remember that beneath that helmet and leathers you’re just a normal human being too.

Or if not, try shouting at me instead. Then you’ll get a shock. Bellend.


I do not! but this sucks, I hope your friend is ok…

Agree with all the points above! sounds like he himself should not actually be allowed on the roads…

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We’ve all been in that situation, where we see the red mist because we perceive someone to put us in danger due to (sometimes what we perceive to be) bad driving…


The moment the other person apologises, that’s it. Mistakes happen FFS and there’s no reason to have a fight particularly when no real damage done. Also, it’s easy to be all macho when the other person is half your size.

The only time I’ve had to punch a car (a woman’s car) was when she decided it was acceptable to drive into me during very slow moving traffic and my knee got trapped in her wheel arch. But that was to stop her doing more damage.

No doubt one day this dude will pick the wrong fight or will get seen picking a fight. One can hope he reflects and calms down.

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hope he has been reporting to the police…

We’re getting to the stage where there’s a Fort9 video for everything.

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Wow that’s just plain nasty.