does anybody go near andrews corner on wednesday to borough

im a newbie and was wondering if anybody lives near andrews corner dagenham,for i would like to go to the borough market on wednesday,have a rough idea how to get there but would be good to have a fellow biker to follow.

hi there again - I dont but you might find someone else that does. borough isnt hard to get to. im sure someone who can help will be along shortly :wink:

Welcome, can’t help with leading to BM but i’m sure someone is :smiley:

Hi there again shadow (russ)…well, glad you took my advice and joined up? Welcome,welcome,welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

As you know i live just around the corner basically to you…or we wouldnt have bumped into each other at the local shops yesterday!! :wink: (i was admiring his bike by the way peeps)…think i said something along the lines of “sod all that chrome cleaning”,or words to that effect!

I dont go to Borough but know there are a few that do that you could meet up with on the way? Depends if they are going themselves to be honest, cos the wetncold nights are drawing in a lot dont want to be standing about in the cold, so im not sure they would be going? Dont know mate, see how it goes…but in any case, get yourself in the rideouts section and take a look round, i told you, theres always something going on :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you out and about, just keep posting on here and something will come up?..oh and i will let you know how i get on with the other thing we were chatting about?..thanks for your info on that too.