Doctor's bike stolen from Southend Hospital


No CCTV? At all? I find that really hard to believe in a hospital in London.

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Nope I don’t. Got assaulted and ended up wrestling a psychotic patient to the floor in a major hospital in London and no CCTV

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That’s terrible. Are you now head to toe kitted out with body cams?

I left frontline ambulance work, that was one of the many reasons. Now a GP paramedic working towards my masters and prescribers


They had started rolling them out just as I was

I hate the thieving element.

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Hi there if im reading correctly the theft happen in Southend not in London. Lack of CCTV in hospital is really appalling

Article would have been more helpful if it actually listed make and reg number as well as what it meant by “numerous locks” - what were they , was it locked to anything and how did the scum defeat them?.. but I suppose a local paper concentrates on the human story of "Doctor has bike stolen in (supposedly safe) hospital and not what bikers want to know to prevent their P&J being nicked

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Message from a doctor at Southend Hospital. Keep your eyes peeled please.

Hello all

I’m gutted to say last night my motorcycle which I had bought only yesterday was stolen from Southend Hospital where I work as a junior doctor. It was taken between 00:00 and 04:00am - I was working nights.

After 3 years of riding 125s it was my first ever big bike and I only managed to ride it once - to say I was heartbroken when I found the parking spot empty is an understatement. I had numerous locks on the bike so was shocked that it had been nicked.

If anyone has seen this bike around Southend please do what you can to alert the police - they are aware its been stolen but can’t do anything unless people spot it and make them aware. It’s very distinctive, so please keep and eye out!

My phone number is , if you see something please let me know.

Yamaha MT-07, EX22 VMV, 2022

Thanks a lot


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