do you think these work

with the rising costs of fuel…:unsure:
weird science…im not so sure but my sister wants to try it out!..:rolleyes:

save fuel


In a word…NO :smiley:

If they were that good and so cheap and easy to use, all the car manufacturers would be fitting them from the factory. It’s just another idea that may sound convincing in theory but in practice is useless.

just cable tie a magnet s polarity to ya fuel line.

I looks like thats all it is, a a magnet. oh with red plastic

i thought so.
bloody women are never convinced!

Sounds like a load of old b*llocks to me.

Wind ya lakky band up tighter Jp you get more power and distance lmao :smiley:

Computer says “NO”…:smiley:

My Dad became an agent in the eighties for a similar product so he tested one on his own car before any customers were offered them. The Rover V8 it was fitted to never recovered to its usual MPG, even after the thing was long in the bin :crazy: The stock went straight back :slight_smile:

When they start saying you should put one here, there and everywhere, and the fact you have to ‘click’ on a winking monkey, says it all to me.

I think also the small print says if you clip one around your todger it makes it grow… ah, so thats what Ive needed all these years! lol

Clip a winking monkey over your todger and it makes it grow?

Interesting theory, but why would you want the monkey bigger??


And whats wrong with a winking monkey?;););):smiley:

Nothing, its almost as good as a spanking one! ha ha