do you speed?

Exactly that. If risk is low… Vroooooom

Never been tugged. (Touch wood)

Even on the bike safe course people speed with coppers and don’t get pulled on it

This is a public forum, which anyone has access to, it isn’t a private club between you and your friends.

Try exercising a little common sense before posting.

Sometimes I go so fast I only have one wheel on the ground :smiley:

Always try to hit 3-figure speeds, but only when I’m passing schools. If I have a minute I like to do a burnout and a few donuts in the playground. :wink:

catch me if you can :stuck_out_tongue:

I was partial to a line or two in my younger days!

I was flicking through ‘modes’ on my bikes speedometer a few weeks ago, and one of them was a recording of the max speed! :hehe:

Hope that can’t be used for prosecution!

I have been known to drop the hammer (rubber mallet) when I enter a national and do 30 to 60 in sixth. I ride in sixth mostly to save fuel and reduce noise.

Simply shouting “NEE NAW NEE NAW” with occasional "WUPWUP"s and "WRWRWR"s does it. Then if anyone asks, you’re an ambulance. Simple.

You guys crack me up hahaha. my commute still took 50 minutes today.

And I was fairly liberal with my interpretation of the speedometer readings - alegidly!

Then this dude maybe one of you on a nimble comuter maybe an er5 or like flew past me weaving in and put like a lunatic. But still he may have done my comute in 40 minutes maybe. Its just nightmare roads in london

Go with whatever speed you feel comfortable with Luke. There will always be someone quicker than you, regardless of how quick you are. Those are the ones you’ll see every day til one day when you wont :unsure:
A lot of quick London riding/driving is down to knowing where (and avoiding) the pinch points. ie knowing where lanes merge, which way the majority of traffic is heading or likely to move from and to. Also, looking ahead and anticipating buses pulling in/out etc.

on my commute I am yet to see one bike and that includes bicycles adhere to the speed limit. Of course I do at all times.

All bikers speed (within reason), I don’t mean commuters, but definitely those who have a powerful bike. It’s the love of machines and the feeling of it.

If they didn’t want you to speed, they would restrict the bhp on all machines… but that wouldn’t make the establishment any money now would it. :doze:

Pah my car insurance went up by £63 this year because I had to declare my speed awareness course. Don’t ever speed kids.

As Big Vern used to say

Faster faster, till the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.