Do you remember .....

Our friend Salee, and her numerous little “thoughts of the day”? minute she was here every day posting, next she left us…to go to forums new…ie The London Bikers…weeelllll

Got a call today to ask if i remember her, i said “of course why?” they said, "well go on The London Bikers cos she was on there when she left LB but then she disappeared, cos people were getting fed up with her posts…ie in same vein as when on LB, and shes come back now using some weird name, BUT…shes asking them on the forum to help her raise 2mil by December for some house or hostel or some such place that she wants to buy and open up as some meditation sanctum…i believe the more you pay her (and she has sent her address apparently) the more you have a say in the running…) or something like that…

Err…yeh righto… SO any of her buddies (?) on LB who want a part of her little business empire…send your money to her…hmmm

Sorry guy, I know its Sunday, but is this a joke??

If not its bloody funny!

Erm, I know what I’ll just go and write a cheque for £100,000 and mail it to some address…! Yeah right…!

Good idea, bad collection idea!


Dont think it will work, however, im starting my own fund raising effort, Send Joolz back to Ibiza for her birthday fund, any contributions are welcome

Here’s the start…

LMAO !! just been sent the link? enjoy !! (and remember, ALL money is most welcome)

I, Lakshmi (Salee Slight) have been practising Yoga since I was 9 years old - on and off as we all do - and in April 2007, after the loss of my baby, my partner Ty (amazing what you can get off the internet nowadays - bless him) sent me off to the Bahamas to learn to teach Yoga for a month in an Ashram…trust me it was hard work!!

Yoga is not all about the movement of the body as I thought it was, it also involves knowing of the breath, mind, diet, philosophy and spiritual side of life and this, I found, was what I already knew - deep inside me - and being in the Temple it was allowed to materialise and be shown clearly to me why I was there - I was told by ‘Head Office’ that my whole life had been a series of events (mainly bad) to get me to that Temple for me to be shown back to my path and to continue on my Journey of helping people, to help themselves back onto their path and their Journey.

So since June 2007 I have taught Yoga in my local Village Hall and visited clients in their homes for personal Yoga Tuition, concentrating on the breath and how the breath can Heal the inner and outer body.
Now it is my duty and mission to raise enough money for a Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Torquay so that we here in the UK can also benefit and help ourselves, and for me, Lakshmi, to give thanks for being shown the Light and for me to help others find the Happiness and Health that I have been given.
Bless you all

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I feel sorry for Salee, i didnt know she had lost another baby?..that is a shame, as the last time she was on LB, she had lost a baby…

Awww cheers hun! You know what they say, look after the pennies, and the pounds look after themselves! Although it might be Ibiza in 2008 0r 9 at that rate! lol

Just read Salees site, i wish her well, but could be a long slog for her…

Tongue in cheek …? tending not to believe this one bit…sorry call me what you like…i cant see how anyone can turn to some sort of sect or whatever you want to call it, and then feel its their “calling” to then ask others to help…albeit in the money sense as well…throwing in a few, “about me” statements to enlighten us all in the hope we will see the “light” as she has and give money…sorta sucks of these weird sect leaders that they have in america…

she lives in horton kirby, and i go through horton kirby everyday on my way home from work.

so, as a selfless and generous act in helping a fellow human being realise their one true purpose in life, why dont you all send me your donations and ill drop them off to her, to ensure that the money arrives safely!!

go on, you know you can trust me

Ummmm, whats the date? Have they moved April fools days???


I like the way you think, girl.