Do you get pi$$ed off at work and how do you hide it?

when I am annoyed you can usually tell… as I dont hide it!! :rolleyes: being from the Med I am used to showing my emotions. :smiley:

the problem is that if im pi$$ed off at work I cant seem to hide it. especially in situations when I have to repeat work I have done :angry:

I know its not the best thing to do… but is it really bad? Should i conform to the english way of keeping things under the surface and being polite?

I quit…and that’s not so good:D

To be honest nothing really bothers me, not that I’m “laid back” I just don’t care enough about work to let it get to me. Perhaps you should take a shot of Gin every time something pisses you off? :smiley:

It’s very hard for me to keep things under wraps when I’m pissed off at work. I can be pissed off with my clients, who have differing mental health diagnoses, which is easier… but my colleagues - that’s another story! I have today sent an email to all my team members with regard to an individual who has severley pissed me off. I didn’t mention his name in the email but he knows who he is. I have demanded a full public apology for his poor attitude and unnacceptably sarcastic comments. If I approach him directly there is a danger that I’ll lose it and rearrange his face. Deep breaths…

its not that i care about my job that much is that i have to spend time repeating work and not spamming you guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

My face mirrors my emotions. So if I looked angry and pissed off, I tend to be that. Staff members have been known to run the opposite way when I’ve been annoyed… Not good really, I need to be calmer and nicer!

its even worse when your a big guy and they know you could knock them out eh Mac? :wink:

Work is just a means to an end, so even if I get pissed off, it’ll be with a client and I’ll just laugh about it with colleagues.

You’re not talking about yourself here are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha Ha! I did scream at my screen “cck sucking mother f@#ing b£tch queen from hell!!” I think becuse the system was so unintuitive I had to do stuff a few times - rather than RTFM of course :cool:

From one Pany to another? Its the greek blood bro! :w00t:

Its in the personality and temperament. You cant not take that into work. Its who we are! But we do have some control of course…

Do you like your job?


yeah i do… but i like my free time more :smiley:

When I’m pissed off at work, I usually go and make a cup of tea, go out for a smoke, rant and rave in the street, and then come back into the office. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

I rant at the boss or play bejewelled on facebook :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve been known to just curse out loud and throw stuff at my screen but my boss is acually the worse.
if a trade goes badly against him he will either jump up AND use the c word very loudly.
slam his fists on the desk and throw something at one of the offending screens but the worst is when he pushes his chair across the office and then spins round and storms out for a fag.
We know not to talk to him for the rest of the day when that happens…

so do i hide it…?
nah ****** to that. better out than in

yeah but thats an investment banking/trading environment - that kind of behaviour is expected and tolerated - ive even had mice thrown at me by the head of compliance because he couldnt understand why the printer wouldnt work - i think he threw the second one in my direction when he realised i was right that the cause was a lack of paper! :hehe::w00t:

i think it depends on the environment and it will be taken into account when considering other things - for example - if someone makes a complaint about you, your behaviour will be more apparent than the next person’s so that may go against you - but if you are good at your job, it may be overlooked…

i guess you could ask a couple of people you trust in your office what they think of your behaviour (the human barometer test i suppose) - they could tell you whether they think that your behaviour is right for the office youre in…

or you could take the do-i-give-a-**** attitude :wink: i do sometimes… and sometimes i dont :wink: but then my current boss is a bit of a pushover (its his boss i worry about)…

I frequently get angry pssed off at work but as I’m a jock there’s no difference in how I look between happy and angry, a miserable c**t. This year I made a resolution to ‘rise above’ the default male emotion of rage when pssed off. It never even lasted a day…

Dont blow up unless the environment allows you too (I am in the same areas as PPG and Chenster :slight_smile: ) make a note of each time that you feel other peoples decisions have had a negative impact on you, and how you think the situation could have been different, and what you had to do to make the deadline in the face of the negative decisions. After a few months (or at an appraisal) make a meeting with your line manager, director, etc (delete as appropriate) and package the whole notes together as a ‘how I think things could change’ presentation with real examples, this will allow you to put a coherent case forward without emotion getting in the way. Also by noting things down you get a fresh perspective on things.

Also then you have a benchmark to see if things do change :slight_smile:

I think you get away with that behaviour in a trading environment but not in the rest…

Panagiotis come down to the second floor, you can swear and say and do anything you like…as long as you bring in the money! :wink: