Do we have any JS, ASP.NET or mobile developers amongst us?

There’s a load of new features we need to develop for LB and I’m open to broadening the tech team. If anyone has skills around JS and ASP.NET MVC (via C#) and you’re interesting in working on LB then I’d love to talk to you.

The site is built using the following technologies:


  • JavaScript
  • KnockoutJS
  • JQuery


If you’re just familiar with the front-end tech but not the back, that could still work. The front-end talks to the back-end via an API which you don’t need to know how works.

We’ll need to add in more tech to the stack as well, i.e. for search, such as ElasticSearch, etc.

Also, I’m interested in hearing from anyone with mobile (Android/iOS/Windows Phone) app development skills.

If you’re interested, please email [email protected]

I had go at iOs app. Just for browsing as I had somewhere template. Works cool. Unfortunately I don’t have subscription so can’t populate this anywhere.


Wow, that’s pretty much my profile. Ping me on FB (you must have my fb profile in the database) or linkedin (/timursozuns) and we can discuss more.

Thanks Tim, have emailed you :slight_smile: