Do people really do this ?

Thats not normal. It makes Trainspotting look like an extreme sport doesn’t it? Saying that, I work with someone who can name any stretch of railway line, just by looking at nearby bridges.:w00t:

as long as its not harmful to them or other’s, each to their own.

How boring!!

Mind you different strokes for different folks! I used to work in a Lingerie shop and I can tell any womans breast size exactly, just by feeling her breasts for a few minutes! :slight_smile:

Any women willing to help me prove my talent?? :Whistling:






yes each to their own…I guess we need these sorts of people to make sure our traffic signals are not forgotten in this age of high tech devices, sat nav and gatsos etc the poor old traffic signal has been forgotten about…well now we know it hasnt been…

I have only one thing to say -

I lied - I have this to say also -

That site is a spoof - but these appear to be serious! :w00t:

That bus stop link is going to go down very well in my office!!:smiley:

At least the bus stops are kinda funky looking.

Hobbies like that are no worse than some of the bikie stuff. I used to be able to instantly recognise any part off a 4L0 LC. My mates called me an anorak. :slight_smile: