Do buses have cameras to catch people in bus lanes?

There is a little section of bus lane on my ride in that is not open to bikes but I occasionally enter to filter past the traffic.

When there are buses around I don’t use it as I’m paranoid about getting tickets. Do buses have cameras (front and/or rear) to catch people in bus lanes, there are no bus lane cameras on this section

Same applies for the bus lane in Angel. Additionally are there bus lane cameras on it? So annoying sitting in traffic when there is a free lane, I tend to avoid the area in the morning and go a different way but if I could ride down it anyway that would be helpful!

Yes, some buses do.

EDIT: extract from a report dated 2004

Today, 900 cameras on buses and 500 roadside cameras patrol the city’s 700 bus lanes, issuing 100,000 summonses each year.

i thought that they did, not sure where i heard that from though

Damn, that’s a shame! I’ll have to pay more attention

Thanks for the replies

The buses in our area have little circular cameras mounted on the front of the bus, cant think of anything else that it could be for… :slight_smile:

If the bus driver has a accident to prove whos at fault. Vandalism ?

Cant see a human watching hours of film to find someone in a bus lane tbh.

People are prosecuted for bus lane offences by cameras on buses, usually when obstructing the bus, but most offences are caught by council CCTV cameras where people are employed by the council to spend hours watching for offences.

That’s would be common sense … so, not so …
A bus driver explained to me that most busses have the camera in the front. The tapes get removed at the end of the day and sent out somewhere where labour is cheap and so poor sod looks over all the footage. If you’re lucky they’d fallen asleep by the time they get to your offence, otherwise they’ll pick out the footage. The bus driver also told me that if they’re annoyed (for example car is lingering in the buslane), drivers tend to do something that will stand out on the film like flash their lights or something. They’re usually not bothered about motorbikes as they don’t hold them up

Recently I broke down and I had no choice but to pull over into the bus lane on double reds.
Within 10 secs of me braking down & trying to start it up again I had a bus driver behind me beeping at me, shouting & making aggressive “MOVE OVER” hand gestures.

My bike has no hazard light button so I could only signal left up to the curb.
I’ve got it all on HD film. I did tell him to “F*** off”.

I figured the problem was with the side-stand kill switch.

Those bus cameras are solely pointed at the bus lane for the purpose of catching bus lane offenders.

A friend of ours father was killed by a hit & run driver within 2 feet of a bus lane but the camera couldn’t pick up the offending car’s numberplate because the camera was angled into the middle of the bus lane only.