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DIY Lean Angle Sensor

I want to find out if it’s possible to Make a DIY version of what the new BMW has as standard. I was thinking maybe using an accelerometor or Gyroscope from a Model Airoplane as they calculate angles and stuff and have that connected to some kind of LED display mounted above my Dash, I know it’s probably very technical and probably well beyond my ability but just testing the water if it is something any of my Geeky Buddies can advise on.

Before i get all the obvious answers of “Why???” i will answer that now and ignore anyone that asks Why…

I love gadgets and Gizmos, a lean angle sensor seems like an actual good idea rather than a Gimic, i know the Manufacturers spec on what the lean angle is of my Tyres, i THINK i get very close to that spec, but in reality i know i’m probably a long way off, I also feel on some corners i could get the bike lower but don’t dare too in case i am close to the limit. I’m not after Pub bragging tools and will probably never share the info with anyone it’s just for my personal education and enjoyment, and i also beleive it will make me better at cornering as i will have an indication of how close to the limit i am and wether to be more careful or if i can give it some more lean :slight_smile:

generally, you’d do best to use the sensors that are already in your phone and if necessary write an interface to that. Someone will have done it with an arduino, though from a quick google everything I’ve found is just an argument about the physics.

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I thought you meant a tilt sensor, shakes head

Surely somebody, somewhere would have invented one of them new fangled phone app wotsits for that sort of thing :wink:

There you go,

chicken strips :wink:

I don’t know how accurate an app would be unless you manage to get it mounted dead centre and flat. As they’ve fitted them to standard bikes I presume an aftermarket part will be somewhere out there.

Or try this;

@ Big Red S Thats brilliant, cheers. possibly exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile:

@ MikeDerBike, I don’t have any chicken strips, i’m virtually on the edge of the tyre thats why i want to see how close my angle is to the manufacturers spec :slight_smile:

This is quite cool, this guy has built one that he overlays on his GoPro

cool, I should get one and see how little I lean the bike :slight_smile:

We usually tell by when the pillion is sick

^^ lol,

I have a dozen protractors in the drawer of my desk for reasons unknown - you just need a bit of string and a ball of blu tack and you’re sorted :stuck_out_tongue:
Might be a bit tricky to read mid corner though.

Or, if you want something a bit more hi tech, there are inclinometer apps available, you could try searching for something suitable but I don’t know if you’d find anything recordable unless you had it displayed in front of your gopro.

Protractors make good projectiles to throw at stupid people who ask stupid questions
& generally anybody else you feel like throwing things at

Working on site means I have a variety of much better projectiles at my disposal

i need to define working on site i walk around a lot lol
but im site based

Trust your own judgement anything else and your doomed mr mainwaring.

It’s coming to more bikes as well - Kawasaki have started to include it too