Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2021

@kcoops we’ve actually got a long history of supporting charity, though we’ve not done anything on that front for a while (@GSXRAng used to help us with this) . Our official charity is the London Air Ambulance. We’ve raised many thousands of pounds for them in the past.

We’ve also supported many a charity ride or event. We were the official motorcycle marshals for some of the breast cancer charity walks and have been on a number of other charity/cause rides.

Unfortunately you wouldn’t know this necessarily because a) we took the editorial/photo gallery section of the site offline when we re-launched the website and b) haven’t done anything for a while!

LB has mainly been a community-lead venture as far as organisation goes, with members stepping up and helping to organise things. That said, I’m not adverse to the idea of helping LB organise things if there’s enough interest from the community :slight_smile:


For instance, here’s a recent post about the time we were motorcycle marshalls: Breaktrhu Breast Cancer Walk London LB