Displaying a parking permit on a naked bike

What’s a good way of displaying my parking permit (Kensington & Chelsea) on a naked bike? Thought about bunging it in a tax disc holder but it’s too big. Only other option is to actually stick it on my bike., maybe on the front fork or swing arm.

Also, what’s the deal with covering my bike and displaying the permit? If I totally cover the bike, should I expect a ticket? How do bikes get away with it as I see covered ones all over the borough.

I keep mine indoors, only because I have had mine nicked previously…

Now, I just keep it indoors. Not to say that you should too. But, no one really cares round here (Clapham).

i put a visitors pass on my bike in watford when staying at missus gaff and some fucka stole it then the traffic warden came after had gone and gave me a tickets :angry:

I contested it and explained about how i did place one but was stolen and could they explain to me how i could attach one to my bike without risk of theft to which they replied that it my responsiblity to make sure that my bike is parked legally and with proper permit and they would not be quashing the ticket.

I dont understand what they want you to do stand next to bike CCTV am very very annoyed

put the ticket on the bike and take a photo of the ticket as proof of the time and that you actually had it. Works if it does get nicked. place teh ticken on the speedo where it is less likely to get seen and taken or blown off.

remove ya number plate and tax disc, and they cant give ya a ticket,lol

why not sandwich the permit between 2 pieces perspex, bolted together then chained to bike?

Yea, then ‘they’ have the right to remove your bike and crush it for not displaying.
Sound too much of a faff anyway :wink:

The second idea is much better.

Would it fit in one of these?


I had a poke around some of the bikes in the area and it would seem that K&C have specific tax disc sized permits for bikes (Well it certainly looked like it, didn’t want to nose around too near for fear of looking dodgy). If that’s the case then I’ll just order myself another standard holder or one of those secur-i-disc tamper proof stickers.