Dismantling forks

I intend to dismantle my forks this winter to swap out the oil with fresh Motul 5W and also install my 9.5 Ktech springs.

Question is, do I need to put in new oil seals upon reassembly?

I ask because the seals are only a few months old.


Maybe it is different these days but I am sur in the 80s I replaced springs and changed oil without dismanling far enough to affect the seals.

I think it may be because they didn’t use upside down cartridge forks in those days, but I don’t know so I’m guessing here.

Anyone know for sure?

I would not if you can get them off without ‘nicking’ them, because they are quite new. (I have done this before when testing different weight oils)

I would normally…IIRC they are only about £10, just factor it in as part of annual servicing…:smiley:

you can change the oil and springs with out taking the forks apart…

iv changed the springs without taking the forks of the bike before…

Cheers mate.

I need to dismantle the forks to check on a problem with the compression dampener adjuster on one of the forks (basically it doesn’t have the same range of adjustment clicks as the one on the other fork leg).

Also, I’m not sure if I’m going to install that K-tech piston kit…I’m initially just changing oil and springs to see if that improves things for me.