Discussion on stolen bikes

Just A thought with bikes being stolen all over the place

Ebay has for sale all the time a key and ECU set for spanking new suzukis for about £300 notes I would assume there are others for other bikes. Why are the police / manufactures not looking at this as it makes it so easy for the thief.

The New bikes will only work with a matching key which is why new cars are so less likely to be stolen also because the cost of a new ECU as they are directly linked.

If the manufactures (I know it would cost for legitimate reasons) were the only ones who could change this the bikes nicked would be useless but as it stands A quick buy from ebay and a swap of the ECU which is far to easy by the way and you can sell it abroad Bike Gone!!

There are still things Bike companys can do to prevent this but i guess to the police and car driving world this is un inportant.

Also Data tagging is useless as if you crack your faring most are so deperate to get a cheap deal they might ignore a little etching on it