Discrimination against disabled bikers @ the Ace?

This has been posted on the bikerscafe messageboard:

The Ace Cafe London has been removed from the Biker Friendly Sites page as the owner has decided to exclude people as, and when, he feels like doing so…
He has excluded disabled bikers on many occaisions from various events that have been happening at the Ace Cafe…no explanation given.

On a Kawasaki theme day, he excluded me and my trike as it wasnt a Kawasaki, and yet half the car park was full of Honda’s, Yamaha’s, Suzuki’s and Harley’s, I was again asked to leave the car park with my trike today, I refused to leave, I told the marshall to go get the owner to tell me himself that I should be excluded, it wasnt any particular “theme” day,he didnt show up, he normally gets there by 3pm on a Sunday, he had not arrived by 5:15pm…he has repeatedly refused access to other disabled riders with trikes when he feels like it, some of us are thinking of pushing the issue now, he has disabled access by ramp into the premises, he has a downstairs disabled toilet which is also used by staff and anyone who cant be bothered to go upstairs, he DOES NOT have disabled access to the car park and has NO DISABLED PARKING BAYS either, he claims he does not need them as it is a private car park, this is not true, as of 1st January 2005 he has an obligation in law to have disabled access by vehicle, wheelchair, crutches and all types of disability to all relevant areas, this includes 3 disabled parking bays per 200 parking spaces, whichever is the least, to be situated near the main entrance of the building… has not been done … no explanation given.

On a Custom and Classic American Car club night he excluded a 1982 American car, not sure what it was, but I was told it is a collectable… reason given? excluded on the grounds that his car was too modern. He has a Subaru night though!

He has an obligation to have trained marshalls only, this is now law, no-one can just put on a marshalls jacket anymore, they have to be trained and registered the same as nightclub bouncers/door staff etc…I dont think he has any correctly trained or registered staff for this purpose.

I intend to go there next weekend on the Sunday, this is a Russian bike day, for Urals etc, if there is other than Russian bikes in there I intend to go in with my trike, and I intend to confront owners with the rights of the disabled, and disabled bikers…

Who wants to come along and participate in a non-violent protest?

The Ace allows non-theme bikes to park in the corner of the car-park near the bins as this is where the regulars must park. It’s a small space though and quickly fills up with bikes. I’m not trying to justify it, but I suspect a trike would be excluded from this area because of its size compared to a bike. It’s never nice being treated differently, or without due consideration though, regardless of your status. I don’t like to think the Ace would do this, but I too have been victim to their draconian marshalling approach, having had a big argument with one of their marshals recently.

I hope he gets everything he deserves! I like the Ace, but sorry I can’t condone this attitude even if it is a trike

They have plenty of car events down there, and everytime I’ve been the carpark/road is full of a variety of bikes. No excuse.

I must say I haven’t had any troubles, some nights Dawn and I just turn up for a cup of tea and there have been various events on and we’ve never had trouble with the Marshals.

It maybe worth while someone talking to these guys, it’ll be a shame for it to start getting a bad rep as trikes are a great way for disabled riders to stay mobile and intergrated with the biking community.

Either way I do find it difficult to justify non disabled parking, while they knowingly allow stunting on their premises and of course there’s the serving of beer to anyone in leather !

Anyway hope this can all get sorted.

problem would solve its self if you volunteered to do the marshalling that way you can make sure its done the way you want it

then you could also put up with the moans and opinions of others try it form the other side of the fence and then tell me how it went

Are we fighting for discrimination because the trike wasn’t allowed or, the failure of implementing new laws reguarding access for disabled people?

Sorry to sound harsh but, I never had problems with marshalls, they sometimes tell me I can’t use their main car park and direct me to the small area close to the bins. When thats full we use the other side of the road and even the footbridge.

I believe the law states that businesses have to make ‘reasonable’ admendments to give access for everyone. Disabled toilets do not have to be for disabled people only.

You mentioned the lack of disabled parking bays, I don’t believe there is any bays marked out. Therefore it is up to the marshall to assist you with parking, he has a job to do, and thats get vehicles in and out safetly and efficently.

I can’t protest because of decisions to let one guys car in and not another. Different themes for different tastes.

If you get there before the themed meet, often parking is a free for all and when the themed vehicles come in I have been moved off.

I am not trying to take sides here. I am not against disabled people in any way. But it just seems your angry and making a meal of it to get your way.