Disc lock size/recommendation

Just bought a lovely honda hornet CB600 F 2008:D - I am wondering what disc lock to get so would appreciate some ideas. I seen Xena disc locks being mentioned quite a lot and am looking into the range, my question is how do I know what size I will need ? Is anyone using the alarmed version of disc locks and are they worth the extra?

The Xena website had templates last time I looked so you could be sure it fitted.

IMHO alarms don’t work that well on disc locks.
There is a lot of evidence that shows that people just ignore alarms and if criminals are organised then they don’t act as much of a deterrent.

Disc locks are only of limited use- they won’t stop anyone from picking your bike up and putting it in a van, which is how organised criminals steal bikes.
The best way to secure your bike is to lock it to something like a ground anchor or a lamppost.
If they want your bike though then they will get it- even the best of the best security chains won’t hold up against an angle grinder or a hydraulic cropper.

Not being negative- this is just how it is.

The main thing to remember with a disc lock is to take it off before riding away. :slight_smile:
Abus have good products- I have a cheaper Oxford one which is fine, but it is used in addition to other devices.

I own four Xena’s.
I reckon all of their disc locks would fit just fine on the front disc of a CB600F.
I’ve used both 8mm and 14mm locks on SV1s, R6, DRZ400, FZ6, ER6f without any issues.

Do note that if they get wet too often they can short out. I place mine in strategic places to avoid rain like under a mud guard or under the rear swing arm (if using it on the back).

Yes, wet and dying batteries can lead to the alarm not reseting properly etc. Not found damp to be a problem if dry batteries are put in which makes me think the problems are due to the batteries shorting.

Agree that a disklock is no substitute to chaingin to an object, but they are cheap and provide a deterrent to opportunistic thefts. A £10 disk lock foiled an attempted theft on one of my bikes whilst I was in a supermarket.

The main value of the alarmed variety is they tend ot go off when you lift the bike off centre stand so make it much less likely that you will ride off without removing the lock.

My Zena XX14 lasted over 3 years when it started plying up, randomly sounding the alarm which was rather impressive that the battery had lasted that long. I put the fault down to a tired discharged battery and removed the battery and continued using the lock without the alarm.

user manual with dimensions here

why not replace the battery? If I remember correctly, it uses CR2 battery.

My xena alarm was going off for no reason, contacted Xena and they sent me new alarm module, which is way less sensitive.

I have a Xena xx15 large reach for big discs on my cbf600 ABS which works fine and fits great, just remember to get a reminder cord to avoid the embarrassing attempted ride off whilst still attached, although the alarm should sound before then as well

It’s been already said. An alarmed disc lock will warn you if you try to ride off with it still on, so you don’t have to put on one of those yellow straps every time to remind you (if you’re lazy like me, that reason alone is enough to get an alarmed one instead of regular one). Additionally, while other people might ignore your alarm, you most certainly won’t, which makes it perfect whenever you make a quick stop at a shop, post-office, whatever. It might not be a chain around a lampost, but it definitely has its uses.

Actually I tell a lie, it’s a XX6. Fits fine and is no doubt very similar front disk on your hornet but I could be wrong so do check as on the scale of it, I know nothing! :crazy:

Xena 14 and 15 also come with 14mm cable hook plates that allow the disklock to be secured to a lamppost while locked on the disc. Its certainly not my 19mm chain but it does fit in the storage under the seat on my RR.

Lock it to a solid object if possible but also consider a cover such as an Oxford Stormex and lock it down to both wheels. It has locking loops for this purpose. Locking a cover down makes it a huge ball ache to move the bike so maybe they’ll move on to an easier target.

I’d be inclined to ride out to your nearest bike shop, browse their selection, and see what fits.

Also, it’s better to put the disk lock on the rear brake as it’s marginally harder to remove a rear wheel than a front wheel, due to the chain.

Just don’t make a silly mistake like I did and just measure it on your front disk. It might not fit on the back.

Just got fed up with the chirping and couldn’t be bothered about it being alarmed.

BTW the battery is Xena Battery Pack 4 or, a stack of 6 x LR44 button batteries will do.

Went for the Xena XX15 disc lock in the end, working well so far.:slight_smile:
Thanks for the replies