Disc lock or chain/padlock?

My trusty Motrax Vishas disc lock fell off the bike today, so I need a replacement for securing the bike away from home. Here’s my thinking on the merits of my options:

Disc Lock

  • Weighs 1kg
  • Easily stored in a pouch on the side of the bike / pannier rack / tank bag
  • Stops someone wheeling the bike away
  • £30 for the Vishas
  • Doesn’t stop someone lifting it


  • Will stop wheeling if looped through a wheel
  • Will stop lifting if looped through a wheel and solid/other object
  • Weighs 6kg
  • Can’t think how I could carry it - my rear rack has a plate for a topbox, no room for a tail tidy
  • £100 for the 1.5m Almax

I’m always hesitant of just leaving the bike with the disc lock and not lashed to something. In a perfect world I’d get the chain, but I’m unsure how I’d carry it and it is quite heavy and large.

Ideas? Tips? What do you do?

I should add this is for my 640 dirt-bike-with-mirrors. There’s no storage under the seat etc on it whatsoever.

I use a heavy padlock/chain at home and an arbus thing that’s like a steel cable wrapped in plastic that i carry around in a backpack. it’s much lighter and portable.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m going to see how much chain I need to wrap around the grab bars at the back. Maybe then I can carry something without a bag.

Do you mainly do the same journey each time to the same place? ie, to work and back?

If you do, why not leave a heavy chain secured against a lamp post or whatever where you park up? Saves carrying it that way;)

The fuzz specifically told us not to do that at bike safe. They said a would be thief will pull the material that covers your chain back, cut a link with a hack saw and cable tie it back togehter then pull the material back. When you return with your bike he or she will then steal it using a pair of scissors to cut the cable tie.

I loop my chain through the grab handles on the Dakar, works fine

Thats a good point but IMO still a better option than a disc lock.I guess the answer would be to remove the fabric covering;)

Quick warning - Almax chains are v v v good - but v v v heavy!!!

I wouldnt like to lug one round esp not on grab rails… mmight ruin the paintwork etc… if you are set on takingg the Almax with you… they do a lock bag that you strap on the bike behind you… works a treat. I still use my Vishas disclock when out and about tho.

Would never leave a chain at work… if they dont tamper withthe chain they will study and abuse the lock… just asking for your bike to go missing IMO.

Also - consider if you will be able to chain it somewhere… cos if not - it is just aa heavy and sumbersome disc lock.

I do the same journey Monday > Friday, and don’t need anything where I park at work. The problem is when I’m on the go, say off for the weekend and parking up for a few hours along the way.

The almax is quite heavy, so I’m hesitant to get it. 6kgs is quite a bit to always be carrying around, especially on a bike that is otherwise meant to be good because it’s light. Hmmn.

Personally I use a disc lock during the day and would only take my chain if I’m leaving the bike over night some where other than home.

When I’m commuting I always use a chai AND a disc lock, but when I’m out for fun and will only be popping in somewhere for a coffee I just use the disc lock.

I use a Disc Lock and chain , both stored in Kriega US10 tailpack.

I like to have the option of locking the bike to something hence use a chain…
Also occasionally lock my helmet to the front wheel.
But then I have a scoot so am not worried by the space it takes up.

i lug a 1.5m almax immob IV chain around; use the kriega 10l tailpack and its fine
it doesnt effect handling much if you are just commuting through london traffic
gives peace of mind at work

motrax tail bag will take the 2m almax or the similar length abus (suitable for bikes with removeable tail seat)

often use the joe rocket magnetic tank bag (think its called a 'manta). holds the chains fine and the magnets never budge (and dont damage the tank either). heavy duty carrier bag to put the chain in first and keep the crud off the bag isn’t a bad idea :wink: more importantly it keeps the weight nice and central on the bike (and you can still take a pillion)

that bikesafe advice only applies to crappy chains. the abus covers are not retractable, and would pay to see you cut through and almax with a hacksaw. just check you chain before you put it on the bike if you’re worried about it.

I use a “Squire SS65/MC4padlock & chain” -it is heavy and i ride a scooter it goes under the seat no problems.:slight_smile:

the good thing about a disclock is it fits in to the little compartment in my zzr ,bad thing is it jumps out when im riding and trys to kill the person behind me
very tempermental …
my chain always stayed in my rucksack tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a palm-sized bit of thin foam i wrap round my disc lock - stash it under the seat and tied down with a v small bugee that stays under the seat… Keeps it inplace - and doesnt rattle around at all.

Sounds like I am the only one that carries a disc lock in my jacket pocket when I ride.If they want your bike and they actually make a living out of stealing motorcycles they will find a way and take it, the more secure bikes get it only means riders will be actually harmed to get at the keys/remote, so just carry whatever best security you can be bothered with, disc lock or chain.