Disc lock alarms......

New (to me) bike on the way :slight_smile: not alarmed though :angry:

Rather than fit a bike alarm I thought I’d investigate alarmed disc locks.

Any recommendations, or anyone know how the xena compares to the oxford screamer?

These are 2 of my old ones.

Yellow one I left on my rear disk and sat on the bike. The bike rolled back and pop.

The silver one the lock just poped out in my hand oneday when I went to fit it.

I have owned two Xena disk locks, very well made, alarm is pretty loud, I haven’t used the Oxford so can’t give you an opinion on it but I can recommend Xena as a solid brand.


Oh wow, thats pretty shoddy…those two locks are the exact same ones I have…you have made me worry…

The oxford one that I have is pretty decent and bulky and loud.

Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock

Ive got an Oxford Boss Alarm and whilst the lock hasnt failed, the alarm section has. I found the batteries drain really quick & they’ve either leaked or water has got in as the battery compartment is now rusty. It was good whilst it worked though.
I also have the yellow Xena (as in Ross’ pic) Ive stopped using it as I’ve become aware that its possible to lever it apart (& off your disk)
The pin has no “deadlock” mechanism when it enters the body. The alarm works well though and it is loud.
Ive now got and use an “Oxford Omega” which whilst isn’t an “alarm disc” does feel solid. The locking pin is T shaped so when it’s locked, the pin rotates 90 degrees meaning it cant be forced open (easily)

(Needs an occassional squirt of wd40 to keep it moving freely)

I have an Oxford Screamer . I chose it over Xena because you have the option to activate the alarm or not .
Only had it for 2-3 weeks, but so far no problems.

I’ve got Xena XX10. It was fine for few months, but recently alarm module went crazy, started going off for no reason. Anyway contacted Xena and they sent me new alarm module.

Forget disk locks.

What you want is a big fat chain, with a big chunky lock.

Job done. Just be aware that unfortunately, if the feckers really want your bike, they’ll have it, no matter what you put on it.


unfortunately if you go to the stolen bike section it will prove nothing will stop the scum if they want it they will get it

I do use a chain & I do have 3 disc locks I don’t use them that often & my bike is alarmed

but the best thing is my bike is now 13 years old & looks it

parked next to a shiny new Steed im guessing that mine will still be there when I get back

Already taken care of, disk lock as well.

Unfortunately I dont have a garage, though I do stash the bike in my gated rear garden. After something to make some noise incase some tries to pinch it while I’m sleeping, the neighbours are pretty good as well.

Having done a bit of research it seems Triumph put a alarm/immobaliser socket onto their bikes at the factory and you can simply plug a datatool/meta straight in, being that I already have a dick lock and chain I may well go down that path…

BigEd (18/02/2014)

you kinky bugger

For physical security, the best available is an Almax chain. I’ve got 5 of them for my toy, in the garage with an Almax supplied ground anchor. Check them out and say Aceman referred you, and they give you some kind of discount too. You’ll need to get a padlock from them too. The website is http://www.almax-security-chains.co.uk

Acemans advice is good. I’ve an Abus disc lock alarm for short trips into town or at a race meet or leaving the bike at a cafe. Easy to carry and works well.

Not an overnight option. I’ve also got a tracker (Bike Trac)

Kinda sums up the effectiveness of having an Oxford Boss disc alarm


Now we need to leave a scooter with Xena disc lock in same place and test effectiveness of it :smiley:

I have an Oxford boss. I haven’t replaced the batteries since they died though. The criminal element can shatter the disk to remove a disc lock, that makes a lot of noise though so could be a deterrent.

“The criminal element can shatter the disk to remove a disc lock”
That’s why I put mine around the spoke of my wheel :wink: