…but never mind, eh.

Got up at silly o’clock to drive 100 miles to pick up the lovely man’s new acquisition. When we got there the “original showroom condition with 5000 genuine miles on the clock” turned out to be a bit less lovely than anticipated, so sadly it stayed with its owner and we drove the 100 miles home with an empty trailer behind my little car when I could have been working on my bike instead, or at the very least sleeping until a much more sensible hour of the day. And I certainly do need to - riding it earlier this week with the misfire still misfiring and the lovely beast decided to cut out on me as I was slowing down and the back wheels lock up, in the wet. Very very close to coming off, which was a bit of a life-affirming moment. Fortunately only me on the bike, would have been very upset if one of the kids had been pillion. So won’t ride with them on until it’s fixed. But that’s a different story.

So I don’t get to ride an old Harley, and he still has his two old Triumphs to play with.

But doesn’t it annoy you when people over-sell things? This particular bike was supposed to be all original but had been customised in all sorts of ways, wasn’t even the model advertised, had had custom speedo added so although there were indeed 5000 genuine miles on the clock you had no way of knowing how many OTHER miles it’d done before the speedo was changed, several deep scratches and an alarming amount of rust for a “showroom condition” bike, NOT the original paintwork and not even the correct paint for the bike’s year, loads of things that were just not as they had been described.

So a waste of half a day for two of us, two babysitters, nearly 200 miles, (plus more pratting around with the trailer yesterday, which has caused some headaches, eh Shane? ) and nothing to show for it at the end of the day except a bit more education.

But I did get a new (for me) tool roll for less than a tenner, so that’s my little bit of consolation from today.

Sounds like a bike thats been in an accident!

Ive been there, went to pick up a bike for my misses Angel, waiting in some car park late at night should of known, to be greeted by the guy pushing the bike round the corner, he said it had just run out of fuel, so I couldnt test ride it, but if I wanted it, I could give him my address and he would trailer it down, only charging for petrol, how nice!

And to top it all off, the chassis number did not match the number on my HPI, the guy was as dodgy as f**k as well!

I`ve travel a bit to go and see something that sounded great but when i got there it was a hunk of junk. I know how you feel, peed off.

alarm bells ringing loud!.

PMSL Love that avatar Darrylj…Good cover there.

No one will know ya a copper…WTG Matey

Not really - by “old” I mean so old it doesn’t even pay road tax and if it were a car it’d probably not need any seatbelts. So more like someone overselling, or perhaps not quite realising just how many things had been changed on it before they got it.

Didn’t get to do anything at all on the bike this weekend, playing mummy chauffeur combined with two far too early mornings mean all I wanted to do this afternoon was veg out with chocolate, which is more or less what I did.

Petrol tank off, ignition coils inspected tomorrow, methinks.