Disappearing driving licence

I got stopped for speeding on 22 April, and surrendered both parts of my licence on 25 April, and paid my fine at the same time (money’s gone from my account). The police station confirmed that my licence was sent to their central ticketing agency on 28 April.

But now… over 5 weeks later, no one seems to know where it is. The police station don’t care, the DVLA have no record of having received it, and have no record of any endorsements being put on it, and I can’t get through to anyone even vaguely useful in the police. I’ve been given all sorts of phone numbers, but none ever seem to be manned.

The first time I asked how long it would take, I was told 2-3 weeks. The second time, I was told up to 6 weeks. Today I’ve been told 6-8 weeks, and then another 3 on top of that for the DVLA to change my address.

Anyone ever had this problem, or got any ideas? I’m getting just a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit antsy about this now.


Edit: Finally managed to speak to a human being! She’s advised me that the current lead time for endorsements is 6 months (but most licences are being turned around in 10-12 weeks, which is nice). Is it just me that thinks the systems doth not work?

yeah mine took ages to come back - handed it into the police station mid-Sept and got it back early Nov. The DVLA were not involved other than receiving notification that points were added - i.e. it was never sent to them.Irony of it all - with that yellow slip they give you when you get stopped and you then keep that as proof you have a license whilst yours is sent off, I had to hire a few vehicles. You show them the slip then they call a premium rate number to ask the DVLA if you have a license still, number of points, etc… DVLA say yep - 3pts only and so I hired 1 van and 2 cars, then entered a karting comp which they needed to see your license, then even managed to hire a car in Romania with that slip.

So my license is returned and I go back to the same place to hire a car again and they tell me I can’t, as they consider me to have 9 pts even though the DVLA and Police only consider me to have 3! there were 2x3 pts that were a few months from being 5yrs old so they were still included!!! Gutted!!! I wish I’d just used that yellow slip instead…:hehe:



Thats not good is it ? Wonder how the wonderful boys in blue will look after mine when I go and see them this week :wink: still gutted caught speeding in truck n not on bike :w00t:

Oh and why did you surrender both parts was it at roadside ? I always take mine to station and last time they stamped it there

I had a similar thing when I had a speeding fine a couple of years ago. 34mph in a 30 zone from a camera, so 3 points. I sent the licence back. Waited … waited some more … was going to go abroad and needed to rent a car (no yellow slip for me because I hadn’t been stopped). Rang to police, they had no clue, rang DVLA, they had no clue were it was, rang police again, they said I should have had it back.

I just assumed it got lost in the post and needed it ASAP, so paid the DVLA the money for a duplicate licence, got that in 3 working days. Then about 2-3 months later they sent me all the stuff back. So now I have 2 of each (one with points, one without) :wink:

It’s a bit poor indeed.

Last time I had to surrender my license was about three years ago when flashed for speed. Took about four months to come back, the irony being the endorsement was scrawled (must have got a doctor to do it as it is almost illegible) with blue biro on the counterpart.

If you think that’s bad, try applying for an SIA Close Protection Licence! I applied for my application forms in September 2005, finally recieved two sets on the same day sometime in March 2006, got them sent away within two days of recieving them, and then finally got my licence in September 2006!!! That was supposed to be a 3 month maximum wait! They had my passport for 4 months from me submitting my application!

I think the Child Support Agency has just been re-roled into the Security Industry Authority! :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue: