directions to Ace Cafe from Sunbury

Can any body give me some straight forward directions from sunbury cross (m3 jct1)

up to the ace cafe?

I Have done a multimap and it looks like straight up the a316 till you get to richmond, then you veer off left down past kew gardens, towards Kew bridge then you just go straight on till you get there.

or is there a quicker way?


Sounds the best way mate! On a bike you shouldn’t have any problems

Looks right to me, I go up through Kew and over Kew bridge from SW London. Then just follow the North circular around.

Post up what day/time yer roughly thinking of going there and I’m sure one of us lot will be more than willing to meet you én route to ride with ya to the Ace.

Richmond-Kew-Hanger Lane is the route I take as well. It’s simple enough, but then it always is when you’ve done it enough times. If you need help, PM me.

exact route that I take, I come from New Malden, head to Kew, follow signs to A406(hanger) then its the next major exit after hanger lane, if you hit Ikea you gone too far.

Follow you nose or the noise of the bikes, PM me or whoever, I try and make Fridays every week.