Dilema which bike to pick

<<< stands in naughty corner for a while

So did you get the gold rimmed rear wheel too?

I’m thinking the gold rims look better placed with the gold callipers :wink:

Nice bike… Shame you didn’t get the R6

R6 had sold plus was told it would be slightly to small and uncomfortable for me as am 6 foot.

As for bearings national treasure has a good point.
Why did he not just change it.
There’s loads of reason he could have given.
But seeing the old wheel un damaged and in good condition par the bearing never bothered me to much as it did kind of make some sense.
I would be more concerned if he told me his story and the original wheels were not there.

My personal logical thinking
take original one off
replace with spare
Replace bearing on original when time allows and swap back.

Obviously there might be other reasons and what not but it’s done.

No gold wheels.
Got some plans for the wheels.

As for seed yes you guys have me
doubting my purchase now.

Bigger it. Take it for a ride and enjoy. When you get time take it down to the OMC and get Matt to do a 12 point inspection on it.

it’ll probably be all fine!