Digital SLR battery charger

I’ve just bought a battery charger on behalf of a friend of mine on ebay but I have no idea when it’s likely to arrive so does anyone have one of these I could borrow ASAP for a day or so, or maybe even just overnight to charge up the two batteries she has, her charger is dead sadly!

This is the ebay ref, her camera is a Canon 10d…

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

I’ve got a spare that’ll work for a 10D, but could you wait until Wednesday (Borough)??


Any chance I could collect it tonight?



Oi…shut it Barro!! :smiley:

I’ve got to go home now, and go straight to a pub. But I’ll be going by foot from SW2 3AE to by foot around 6.30 if that’s any help.

I’ll check the forum post when I get home…

Cheers, Dave

Man I’ve only just checked in - I’ve a 10D charger and 3 batteries that can be used no probs. Guess it’s too late now.

No worries Andrew, thanks for the offer…

Dave - many thanks for the loan of the charger, dropped it into my friends on the way back and her battery fits perfect, just as you said it would, I’ll be interested in seeing the results of her next two days worth of shots now she has no excuses whatsoever!

Once again thanks for the loan and the beers are on me when I return it! :smiley: