Diesal Spill West London

Coming home from work tonight about 9.20pm.

Junction of Warrick Road and Old Brompton road (A3220) and further on, turning left from A3220 onto A4 West Cromwell Road (Long spill)

Back wheel went out on both occations, both times managed to keep the bike up right, so the bikes fine, I’m fine - underpants in not so good condition!

Anyone know who to report this too? I’m email TFL next.

If its out of hours or you are unsure of which Borough Council its in hubby was told by a friendly traffic bike cop (who does the Bikesafe days) to report it to the Police Non-Emergency number and they will forward on the info.

A road hazard that could cause an accident should be reported on 999, or can be reported to TFL round the clock on 0845 305 1234.

Personally I have found the TFL people to be easier to get the message over than the 999 automatons.