Did you ever do something really silly?


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Jeez, how do some people pass their test?

I know who’s bike that is lol

The really silly thing is paying the AA £200 to drain the tank!

How do some people simply cope with life


In my early days of DIY servicing I was doing an oil change on the hornet.

I accidentally added too much oil, but didn’t want to pull the sump plug out, so decided to use a siringe with a tube at the end to suck the oil from the top up bolt.

Yep the tube fell in and I couldn’t get it out.
Ended up having to drain, open casing, replace engine gasket and refill with new oil.

A 20min job took 1week!!


Attempting to recreate the Trojan Bike? :grin:

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It was definitely an odyssey

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I bet he felt a right fuel

Did he have to shell out for more fuel

Wouldn’t be a Total disaster if he did.

Would you B P’eed off if you did that

He’ll no doubt be careful next time he Jets of to another petrol station.

I’m sure the AA got him Mobil again pretty quickly.

That shows the gulf between a biker and a casual motorcyclist.

At least the AA provided him with a 4-star service.

Not exactly, got a few miles down the road and the bike went into limp mode, not running correctly and no one’s heard from him since.
I’m guessing he’s still crying uncontrollably.