Did somebody want a cat ?

Saw that a few people have lost cats recently.

Picked up my 2 the other day from the cattery that we use.

The lady that owns the cattery has a cat that needs rehoming.

Some b#####d didn’t pick him up and he’s been there for months. I think his name is Nelson and he’s a plain black cat. I think he has a dodgey eye and is about 3 years old.

The cattery is called Paws Boarding Cattery and they have a website. The tel no is 01753683853 and they are on Stanwell Moor by Heathrow Airport. If you call say Murphy and Millys owners told you about him

Thanks for reading.


Oh man… I’d love another cat, but I can’t at the moment…gargh! I really would like another cat…

I’ll have to think about it and talk to the boss man… I’d really love another one…

I would love to but rescued 2 last year and I dont think they’d take too kindly to another addition.

Landlord don’t like me having cats… damn his eyes.