Did a partial commute in my car this morning...

I drove most of my normal route along the A13, limehouse link etc. but I was in a car. I am conditioned to look for bikers of course, but it was surprising to me how hard it is to watch for bikes filtering. I saw the usual cars doing idiot lane changes etc, but I could sort of see why they were doing it sometimes - because any slight bend in the road cut down rearward visibility to around 3 or 4 cars. So - that “no more than 15mph above the cars speed” that is for good reason…

I managed a partial commute in the van this morning. Managed about 3 miles sitting in traffic with no where going fast so turned round went home and took the bike instead lol

Its good to be able to take a look from the other side now & again. Enables you to witness how varying factors contribute to drivers not “seeing” you.

Yeah exactly. I normally don’t drive if it means sitting in rush hour jams - so I guess my experience of seeing filtering from the other side is limited.

I had to start driving a car recently after a break of about twelve years during which I have only ever used a bike - I was really shocked at how relatively invisible we are to a car driver - and how quickly we appear - sometimes from unexpected directions and angles - plus visibility out of a car was crap compared to a bike - much lower down with pillars getting in the way.

try driving a van in London :crying:

se9 to e14 is an hour

se9 to w1 is 1.5 hours

did Hertfordshire from se9 today. 2 hour drive :angry: that was 50 mile away :confused: