Did a Mod delete the tracker links in my signature?

It appears someone has edited my signature to remove the links to Tracker and Acutrack, which I placed there in an effort to increase awareness amongst LB-ers so they can take steps to prevent their bikes being stolen, as I have grown tired of reading “stolen bike” threads on this forum.

Is this the case, and if so, why were they deleted? I want to reinstate them but there’s no point if they are just going to be deleted again.


Not me.

Wasn’t me, but I’m asking around and will let you know.

Why would the M.O.D. interfere with your sig? :crazy:

Perhaps it showed signs of intelligence so they removed it :hehe:

Possibly because it’s advertising a commercial product, to which there are alternatives?

To set the record straight before some start jumping to conclusions…No mods removed the signature line, so it looks like some forum software gremlin was responsible.

Easyrida, please put back your original signature as you wish.


Many thanks, Afro, will do.

Mods please delete this sign off line.:smiley:

Mods please don’t make Jetstream a moderator of this site :w00t: :hehe:

Please it would be rather funny. :w00t: