Dick Turpin to Night

Any one fancy a Quick run to the Dick Turpin To Night Meet At Lay bye no A12 Redbridge At 7pm

I will be down the turpin later if you fancy saying Hi:D

I may also pop along tonight but coming through the tunnel so i guess i’ll see you there.

If your con’ing though blackwell tunnel you go on to A1002 that go’s to redbridge you have to go bye the laybye toget on the A12 SEE YOU:P:P

Haven’t seen you in a long while. Come and say Hi later:D

I know the area but I meant the Dartford tunnel anyway mate

every time i venture out today i get caught in a shower…not fun

Watching the sky now…

I got caught out withe a flat batt. Never done that to me before:w00t:

did you get it sorted?

i got caught out by a mate scared of a shower AND by the BB final… :laugh: